Metalog, thousands of workers will still lose their jobs

After laying off more than 11,000 people in November 2022 and implementing a massive austerity plan, Mark Zuckerberg assured the remaining troops that there would be no additional layoffs. Ultimately it won’t.

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As you may know, the current financial crisis has hit GAFAM hard in 2022. Be it Google, Microsoft, Twitter or Meta, no one has really been spared. Many employees have been fired from Twitter after Elon Musk took over the social network, and some have even filed complaints of unfair dismissal.

During the process, it was Facebook’s turn to announce a massive restructuring plan. More than 11,000 workers were expelled. A necessary measure according to Mark Zuckerberg, while Meta lost 52% of its profits over the year 2022 (raised only $ 4.4 billion). Google then followed suit, inviting 12,000 employees out the door. The same observation at Microsoft, which decided to send back more than 11,000 employees worldwide.

To get back to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg had tried to reassure the powers that still remained by declaring that he wouldn’t.had not foreseen further layoffs“. He added that these many departures were essential for “minimize the risks of having to make extensive layoffs like this in the near future.” But finally, the CEO goes back on his word.

Meta will fire again, contrary to Mark Zuckerberg’s promises

According to an anonymous source who spoke to the Washington Post columns, Meta is bracing for another round of job cuts. The American company is said to have instructed its lawyers, its financial experts and its senior executives to review its hierarchical organization getting rid of as many positions of responsibility as possible.

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So, In particular, Meta plans to demote certain executives, with the aim of “simplifying” the management of the company by limiting the middlemen in the hierarchy. Other managers would effectively be in charge of a larger number of employees as the teams grow. According to the source this method could push powerless executives away from themselves… Which by default would reduce the company’s workforce.

We remember that in the summer of 2022, the creator of Facebook caused controversy by inviting the least productive employees to question their presence in the company. Finally, the Washington Post states that Meta is also considering “traditional” budget cuts and cutting certain projects and jobs.

Source : Washington message

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