Microids announces a video game in the form of a riddle

Cobra: Microids announces a video game in the form of a riddle, first details

Goldorak won’t be the only cartoon from our childhood that also has a right to its video game adaptation, Cobra. Indeed, in a tweet posted in the afternoon, Microids announced that it is working on a video game Space Adventures Cobra, the full name of the work created by Buichi Terasawa. There’s a new announcement coming… It’s about a hero you don’t want to miss. The bets are open!”, the French publisher is having fun with its community to stir up speculation, but the answers are all the same: Cobra is clearly the name that systematically crops up. Not really difficult to recognize our space pirate’s red outfit, his blond hair and his delta beam that we see with the metallic tint. For our part, if the announcement is not yet official, we can tell you that this video game adaptation is indeed in production under the auspices of Microids, which seems motivated to bring back the most stylish heroes of the 40+ gamers. It remains to be seen what form the game will take, which consoles it will be released on and what year? We imagine we’ll have to wait for the official announcement, with the accompanying press release, to get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, let’s revisit the French and Japanese openings, just out of nostalgia.

Space adventure Cobra

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Space adventure Cobra

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