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Resident Evil 4 RemakeHowever, if Resident Evil 4 has the favor of the public today, its initial release in 2005 was met with a lot of criticism. It must be said that this is the episode that has long divided fans of the Resident Evil series, considered a real survival horror until now, with its atmosphere, its codes and its atypical gameplay. But Capcom had other ambitions, such as reaching a wider audience, even if it meant slightly distorting the concept of its great story. The sequel, we know it: a less dark atmosphere, more sepia in colorimetry, zombies turned into Spanish infected and above all a more action-oriented approach, with more weapons, ammunition in quantity, but also more possibilities for some moves. But in reality, the most important innovation, and one that will have an irreversible impact in the video game industry, is the genius of placing the camera close to the character, at the level of his shoulder, to offer the player a different perspective. , as if standing next to his avatar. A revolution in the world of Third Person Shooter (TPS), so that other studios will quickly take up the idea. Gears of War, Tomb Raider, Uncharted, Ghost Recon, Mass Effect, Dead Space, they are all children of Resident Evil 4. Of course the TPS has evolved in 20 years and other titles have started to disrupt the formula, the latest being The Callisto- protocol with its system of melee combat of a new genre and which we hope to see more often.


By returning in the form of a remake, the challenge for Capcom was twofold: to revive its game to adapt to today’s canons, but also to retain what made its old world charm to it. respect original work. Visually, Capcom has managed to combine these two objectives by reworking the graphics all over again, as the saying goes. It’s simple, it’s not the same game at all, since everything has been redone, whether it’s the environments that are now richer, more detailed and gloomier, but also the 3D models with characters covered from head to toe. Leon S. Kennedy has never smelled of class like he did in 2023, with this dark look and K-Pop style haircut that will capsize the hearts of sensitive girls and boys. Likewise, his iconic jacket has never been very pretty to look at, with details everywhere that are a joy to behold. Folds on the leather, scratches on the sleeves and worn collar, Capcom has not skimped on these elements that enhance the immersion and visual quality. If other characters have also been carefully reworked, we see that unfortunately some enemies have not benefited from the same level of detail. This is the case with the female characters in robes or the monks with their hoods (you didn’t know this word), because the bottom of these clothes has no flexibility in their movements. Some may say we bicker but as everyone knows the devil is in the details something certain studios like Rockstar Games or Naughty Dog understood long ago which explains why they milestones in the business. But let’s not spit on the graphics of this Resident Evil 4 Remake either, because the RE Engine manages to work beautiful wonders, especially in interior environments and gloomy places.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake


In addition, we see that Capcom has returned to the more gruesome atmosphere of the first Resident Evil, bringing more darkness into its sets, multiplying the passages in the dark where Leon S. Kenndey will have to turn on his flashlight much more often than in the original game. Moreover, if you are ever equipped with an OLED television then the experience will be transcended as Capcom’s title will shine a thousand lights in the deepest black. We will also find more corpses here and there, often in a rotting state, but also traces of blood, buckets filled with guts or even heads hanging from nails to enhance the horror. That said, nothing terrible enough to force you to put down your controller, as the game never plays through jump scare or disturbing music, but more about the stress that an uncontrolled situation can cause. Exaggerated enemies, a mid-boss rushing at us or the lack of a care package, all of these can indeed put us in mild anxiety situations, but nothing traumatic. Unless you are extremely vulnerable, which may be the case with you.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Among the other notable changes in this 2023 Resident Evil 4 remake, there’s one too level design redesigned, with extended passages, different shortcuts, some placed elsewhere (the fight against the troll comes much later), or completely removed for the needs of the overall rhythm (the rock you have to dodge at the beginning of the game, for example), but also to better surprise the player who knows the adventure of 2005 through and through. And assuming you haven’t played the game since its release 18 years ago, chances are this Resident Evil 4 Remake feels like a brand new title. It is true that some puzzles are no longer quite the same, that some treasures are no longer in their original places, also because sequences have been completely reworked. This 2023 remake also encourages exploration, with excellent management of passages with the trader, often placing the latter in strategic places of the adventure, offering moments of calm before leaving to take down Plagas. You can buy, sell, modify, improve and even take on some of the challenges offered by this still mysterious man. Inventory management is also one of the rather pleasant elements of the game, with this briefcase to be managed effectively so as not to run out of space in certain situations. As usual, money remains the only way to swim in abundance and buy everything you want, but reselling jewelry (which can be combined) is also a way to increase the amount of his wallet. In addition, kind advice, it is better to maximally improve his basic weapons before making compulsive purchases, it is much more effective.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake


Speaking of weapons, this Resident Evil 4 Remake allows itself to use a function new from the original game due to the blades now destructible. If this choice of game design may annoy more than one (especially those traumatized by Zelda Breath of the Wild), the logic of making the blades fragile now follows a more than interesting reflection. In this remake, Capcom has made the use of the knife much more efficient and, above all, essential at certain moments. Indeed, Leon is able to deflect enemy attacks with his blade according to precise timing. Not only is this very effective in making melee combat more interesting, but it also allows you to avoid systematic fleeing, even against powerful enemies. In addition, Capcom went to the end of his delirium by allowing Leon to block chainsaw blows with the same blade. We will certainly continue for realism, but in terms of fun it is quite the ultimate. It is therefore not surprising that the knife gets damaged during use and even breaks over time. But rest assured, it is possible to repair his white war weapon at the merchant (for a fee), but also to recover kitchen knives that can be found in the environments. Another usefulness given to our blunt instrument, certainly indispensable, is the ability to kill the enemy with a single fatal blow. It works when he’s stunned or knocked down, or better, by sneaking up on him from behind. Because yes, this Resident Evil 4 Remake now introduces infiltration phases, quite simple, admittedly, but far from unpleasant.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake


For the rest of the gameplay, this 2023 remake has gained flexibility, there’s no denying it, with more moves and abilities that prevent Leon from staying as frozen as he was in 2005. Since then, our boy scout has learned to shoot while walking (it was already a heresy in 2005, we assure you), but Capcom’s title still retains this overall rigidity of the time. We are a long way from what today’s TPS allows in terms of dodging, fight melee visceral and leaping (yes, Leon still can’t jump or swim), but the task for Capcom would have been far too great to make such changes in the game designand by extension the level design Also. On the other hand, the QTE (symbol of a gameplay belonging to a certain era) are much less numerous than in 2005, but still present. Capcom had warned us that the Krauser matchup had been completely redesigned, with Quick Time Events completely removed. That’s not entirely true, as some sequences in the fight still require the right button to be tapped at the right time. Again, it’s hard to blame Capcom for not revolutionizing the game as much as they did with the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, but you have to keep in mind that this Resident Evil 4 was the one that already turned the formula on its head put. Demolished 18 years ago. Plus, whether you’re an insider of the original game or a new player, the experience will be sublime from start to finish.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

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