Mother leopard painfully attacked the eagle to get revenge for the baby leopard –

Eagles possess the ability to fly at lightning speed in the air, providing Dak and They wear fearsomely, they almost do not bore any enemies.

However, the eagle is not equal to the heavens because it is too extravagant, the eagle has many times had to receive a catastrophic ending, is it possible to confront this same animal?

She told her mother in pain and madness that she attacked the eagle to avenge the cub and announced that the lion was the planet’s top predator Thien Chien.

The balance between size, strength and mobility enables them to carry out effective hunting.

In the Lion can eat any kind, from Home Bugs to large animals like Son Duong, Deer, Deer.

They are the most elite Survivors in the Trieu-Wai region.

Well, once in the air, eagles are the apex predators, they’re on the same food chain and have almost no enemies in the wild.

However, when walking on the ground, this raptor will also face the dangers of the war between the lord of the sky and the predator of the rocky mountains.

You will regret for the rest of your life if you do not witness the following situation with your own eyes.

The eagle is standing on a high cliff to observe the flock.

You should be kidding, he’s planning to approach and eat the calves at those running calves.

Months everywhere, the opportunity comes, the eagle spreads its wings down to live its prey.

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It uses sharp claws or chops cubs.

Lift up into the air, carry it to a tall tree and slowly enjoy the Prey.

When the parents returned, it discovered that the baby was kidnapped by the mother bird by Bang and ate beef.

Mother In The Pursuit Of The Trace.

When they arrived, their relatives were already dead. Bao, the first mother, should climb the corn tree to catch her murdered enemy.

Well, in the end, Mom and Dad killed the eagle, avenging its ill-fated child.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s the smell of Bao Xanh on the siege channel.

Above is the killer bird, the chance to hit can be patiently waiting for the big guys to enjoy it.

They will then take the opportunity that the predators let their guard down and rush to eat all that is left, even if the opponent is close to the teacher, the Cang Ken will blatantly rob the food.

By ear, the victim of the Trumpet This time is a blue leopard that has just been hunted, and Binh Duong lets his eyes and erases see that there is no blue lip clip to sit down and start eating the prey that he has worked so hard for. earn a stay.

However, not long after, Khen came in large numbers.

Every time the security of the item down to meet the bait, Cancan nick again and then closer to it.

After several unsuccessful attempts to chase away the harasser, I told him to leave, leaving Linh Cuu’s body for the children.

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The stories are not over yet.

The disturbance happened again.

While on the battlefield, they scattered in panic when they saw that we were slowly expelling the Party along with the part where the Nguyen Duongs mentioned later pulled the corpses of their prey into the bushes to enjoy, the eagle fell into the hands of 7 lions, the end full of surprises for the lord of the sky You are watching the video Tell your mother to suffer the pain of the attack by revenge for her relatives that was broadcast on the Universe channel, my friends forgot to like Dragon to help us out added a lot of Luu Moi for the 2nd time and now I invite you to continue watching because now the Eagle is a large Tam Muoi bird belonging to the Eagle.

They settle in the high mountains, dominating the vast sky.

This ferocious bird needs a lot of prey, from fish, snakes, centipedes, reptiles, rodents to herbivores.

Even though the D people are smaller than ground-based carnivores like Eagles, they are not inferior in terms of Good Warfare, they can defeat even Gray Wolf 2 Black Bear.

However, a week ago, a Rare Confrontation took place between the Lord of the sky and the kings of the earth who committed suicide.

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