multitasking would become really smart thanks to AI

We know that Microsoft is working hard on artificial intelligence to integrate it into its applications and Windows 11. In particular, the company is working on improving window management, which corresponds to the Snap Layouts and Snap Assist features.

Many other tech companies are looking at AI, so much so that some kind of ” warseems to have explained itself. At the forefront, Microsoft, which notably unveiled a new Bing, merged with ChatGPT after investing billions of dollars in OpenAI. And that’s not all because Windows Central says he has heard of new intelligent multitasking management features for Windows 11 that would also be possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

Window management on Windows 11 enhanced by an AI

Journalist Zac Bowden says that “these features include remembering Snap layouts for certain groups of apps that the user can restore with a single click“.

Source: Microsoft

ForWindows Centralthis is great news for the most intensive and regular Windows 11 users.set instant layouts when they close applications or restart their computers.Which you can find them later in one click.

A Snap Assist that would become very smart

Snap Assist is the Windows feature that makes it very easy to tile windows. You can move one to either side of the screen and a preview of what the window will look like when you release the click will be highlighted. Right after that, you can select a second application that completes the screen.

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The new “Snap Assist” function to reposition windows

The Snap Assist function could recognize the texts that appear on the screen. This should allow”reduce the time it takes to find a running applicationwhen changing a layout or bringing a window back to front. According to Zac Bowden, “you can search for a word, phrase, or image that you remember seeing on a web page or app, even if that word, phrase, or image isn’t mentioned in the title.He writes that he has heard that Microsoft has been experimenting with layouts that adapt to the application in use. He gives an example where we have two applications on the screen divided in a ratio of 70/30. With one click we can reverse this distribution.

The Snap Assist feature // Source: Microsoft

At this point, these features are far from being ready for implementation. Recent preview builds of Windows 11 include new hidden features that mention window management. We think members of Microsoft’s Insiders Program could test these new features in the coming weeks. Global availability may occur later in the year. However, there is no guarantee that this “snapwill ever come out on the operating system of our PCs.

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