nearly 12 million foldable smartphones sold by 2022, far more than its rivals

Samsung really dominates the foldable smartphone market, if we are to believe the often quite precise figures of the Canalys institute. In total, Samsung would have more than 80% market share worldwide.

samsung galaxy z flip 4 review

A new report from the Financial Times has just revealed a study by Canalys announcing that this is the case sold nearly 14.2 million foldable smartphones worldwide by 2022. In comparison, shipments of such devices had barely passed the 10 million mark in 2021.

That year, Samsung largely dominated the market with nearly 10 million units sold, and the trend still hasn’t reversed in 2022. According to figures from Canalys, Samsung shipped just under 12 million units last year, and would therefore still maintain more than 80% market share in this sector.

Chinese manufacturers are trying to break into the folding market

Canalys reveals that despite Huawei’s best efforts, the Chinese giant has failed to do so will ship just under 2 million units in 2022. The situation is even worse for other Android smartphone manufacturers, such as Oppo, Xiaomi, Honor and Vivo, each of which has sold less than a million units.

Many of them are new entrants to the Android smartphone market, it will therefore have to wait for some time before their product catalog is large enough to hope to find a place in this market.

Canalys foldable smartphones
Credit: FT

Motorola, which has been offering foldable smartphones for several years, probably only managed to sell 40,000 copies of its Razr in 2022. So we are still a long way from Samsung’s 12 million smartphones sold.

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Although foldable smartphone shipments are increasing slightly every year, 2023 could be a turning point, as many manufacturers have entered this market. The Financial Times estimates that foldable smartphone shipments will double to 30 million units by 2023. All eyes are therefore on the next Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5, which this time should use an external screen that takes up the entire back. As in previous years, they are expected to make up the majority of foldable phones.

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