Netflix is ​​lowering the price of its subscriptions in several dozen countries

Still accustomed to regularly applying new price increases to its subscriptions, Netflix has just announced that it will lower its prices in more than 100 territories, which should please several million subscribers.

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When we talk about Netflix prices, it often means that the American giant has raised its prices again. However, Netflix has since finally announced a rather astonishing measure the company will lower its prices in several dozen different countriesand some discounts are significant.

The move comes just weeks after Netflix announced plansincrease profits with subscribers who share their password in Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. Under the new rules, subscribers will have to pay extra for anyone using their subscription who doesn’t live in their “primary” household. As a reminder, paid account sharing will not arrive in France until March 2023.

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Which countries are affected by the price reductions?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the countries benefiting from lower subscription costs are the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Discounts are not the same amount or percentage in all countriesbut in some markets the price reduction would be half the cost of the monthly subscription.

The discounts for the Essential formula are between 20 and 60% depending on the country, and not all subscriptions are always affected by price cuts. In the Philippines, for example, it seems that the Premium formula, which allows you to watch your series in 4K on 4 devices at the same time, will not benefit from any price change.

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According to research and analytics firm Ampere Analysis, the price drop affects more than 4% of Netflix’s subscriber base, or more than 10 million people. After announcing price cuts, Netflix shares fell more than 3%. At this point, we don’t know if Netflix plans to extend these price cuts to other countries, including France in particular, but the possibility cannot be ruled out. It would be normal if the new measures against account sharing allowed Netflix to lower the prices of its plans, which are becoming a bit expensive for individual users.

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