Now that buying a PS5 is easier, we’ll help you find the best deals on the PS Store with this guide to get the most out of your search engine

The official store playstation online, your storeusually maintained fairly well informed to its users of the offers and news included in the PS5 catalog. Although the console sony have one of the most comfortable and intuitive search tools you can ever get some more juicelike everything.

For that same reason, and taking advantage of the fact that it’s no longer such an elusive console to get, we’ve put together this guide for you to learn (or remember if you had forgotten them) some tips and tricks to find everything you are looking for in the fastest and most efficient way; from the latest news in the catalog, through games that are back or on sale, to the latest news in DLCs for all of them.

Using the PS5 PlayStation Store

Image Store Welcome

As in other cases of browsers on consoles or launchers on PC, the PS5 Store browser two special search modes: by sections and modules, and by filters or exploration; and all this without counting the subsections that show us the current content or the game offers or included in the PS Plus catalog.

The fact is that whether we are looking for a game we already know or we just want to dive through the catalog with everything it has to offer, the interface is designed for oautomatically slow us down the titles or news based on parameters defined by our profile, mainly the country as we will now see

Search by sections and modules

Is most directly. We open it by going to the PS Store icon. Here we will find different sections: New, Collections, Discounts, Subscriptions and Discover. Apart from the latter, the others contain information about what’s more furious news and in the catalog.

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New section

Starting with the New section, in it we can access the news module, which, as the name implies, contains the most recent that arrived in the store, and immediately afterwards the ten best games in our country. This may vary depending on where you are and is based on the popularity among PS5 users in your country.

After that we find the marked spaces, and New games. This section should not be confused with News, as the previous one focuses not only on titles, but also packs, DLCs or pre-orders. This is for what you can buy and start playing now. The following paragraphs refer to what we have just mentioned: reservations, demos or additional content, supplemented by the module view more that show us PS5 or PS4 games, the free games or games compatible with PS VR2.

Module example less than 15 euros

the rest of the sections they work in a similar way, although the discount is one that may particularly interest you. Even at the beginning we will not see more than offer banners, if we select one they will appear on their list any games or content that currently have an offerso it’s a quick way to find those deals.

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Search by exploration

In this section we can search with a greater precision defined by us, what we want to find. what is there an unfiltered list of absolutely all content available throughout the store. It would of course take a while to go through, so we need to use the filters located in the button to the left of the first row of titles to establish the parameters; if we change them are updated in real time.

Exploration example

The different categories Reasons to sort your search by include:

  • bestseller
  • most popular downloads
  • Name (AZ)
  • Name (Z – A)
  • Release date (oldest to newest)
  • Release date (newest to oldest)
  • Price (low to high)
  • Price (from highest to lowest)
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And within the order they can be ordered by other filterssuch as price, platform gender, age rating, release date or VR compatibility. While not a very selective method, it is possible to refine what we are trying to find quite a bit.

Search by terms, wanted and PS Plus

Example search by search engine

Of course, an option cannot be missing that allows us to search more precisely for the title or content we want, especially useful ifI know the name of what we want but we don’t see it among other options that can share filters. This is a term search and we access it by selecting the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the screen.

With this option we can write (or “say” the name or some of the words thanks to the speech-to-text option of the console) included in the game or content we are looking for and it will show them to us to see separated by modules. In it is a carousel with different options that, if we reach the end of it, will give us an option show everything you didn’t record in this coverage.

Example Ea playlist

No lack of functionality either Wish list. Any game or content on the console will probably be incorporated into it, it is enough to select what interests us in question and click on the little heart to keep an eye on it. We can go through this list in our user profile, and we’ll see instant notifications about it (whether it’s on sale, if it’s leaving the store soon, etc.); in case we still don’t want to buy it because we are waiting for a discount or because if we don’t want to lose it to go back and look for it.

Example wish list

Also mention subscription service PSPlus. Although it is not part of what the search engine itself is, the section that deals with it contains similar features, but in its modules, more than in games, we will see game options included in its services, such as PS Plus, UbisoftConnector that of EA Play. Keep in mind that in order to access this, you have to be subscribed and pay a separate fee for distributors. However, we can also see what games are available on those services, and buy them separately if we are interested

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Preview Ea Playlist PS Store

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Help websites find deals on PS5

And as with the previous tips for finding the best deals, we’d like to conclude this review of the PlayStation Store’s features with a few website suggestions that they can currently update us on which games or content are at the lowest price when we’re not standing in front of our console reviewing ourselves.

PS offers

Desktop 11 03 2023 8 06 14 536

you will remember this website because we already saw it in the guide of the Nintendo e-shop search engine. Essentially it’s the same but PlayStation oriented: a short summary of which games are currently at the best price on the Store, with the possibility to get your hands on them cards containing money to spend later.

Gaming offers

Desktop 11 03 2023 8 06 59 982

a new proposal not to repeat previous examples Gaming Deals: it is a website that collects the best offers from the Sony store and gives us the chance to get our hands on codes to download them. Keep that in mind the price is in pounds being a UK ”site” but they accommodate other countries.

DL comparison

Desktop 11 03 2023 8 06 26 425

And a latest news is DL comparisonwhich works similarly to others we’ve seen, but with a fairly clear interface and that you can order us what we’re looking for at prices, but it also includes a search engine with many criteria or filters use to be accurate in our searches.

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