One of the essential objects in Sons of the Forest is also one of the hardest to get: we’ll tell you where and how to find the shovel

That Sons of the Forest is the feeling of the moment is a fact. The audience was hungry for a dark, complex and especially difficult. And it’s been successful, as evidenced by the overwhelming numbers on Steam, even for early access. But one of the objects that attracted the most attention in his trailers has become the shovel a real nightmare for his first players.

Not just any object essential to progress in the game, but getting it is the first major test players must face if they want to make it in the game of Endless Games. Well, it turns out it’s not one, but required two additional objects and that they will also help us to explore other areas. In this guide, I’ll tell you the odyssey that awaits you if you want the shovel of the Sons of the Forest.

How to get the Sons of the Forest Shovel

We warn you that this company it won’t be short, or easy (at least not when playing solo or on normal difficulty). To get the shovel from the Sons of the Forest, you need to do that knows how to move through some caves from the starting zone of the game, knowing how to orient yourself and learning the hard way to fight against mutants and cannibals.

We’ll get to that later, for now it suffices to know that to get the Sons of the Forest Shovel you’ll need two other pieces of equipment, but it will take some time to get them: the rope thrower and the diving equipment. Only when you have both can you consider going for the shovel in the cave shown in the picture below.

Shovel cave

Except wearing cooked food and water (which can be done by making a canteen with the 3D printer found in one of the nearest GPS signals) it is recommended that you collection of two plants specifically to make medicine, if you don’t already have: millerama and aloe vera. Combined, they make an ointment that will serve to heal you without having to wait to quench your hunger, thirst, or rest.

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Sons Of The Forest electric bat

The stun wand can be very close to where you first spawn in the game.

That by consumables. As for weapons, I would recommend getting your hands on these the anesthetic stick that is near the scene of the accident (see image below) and batteries in front of it. Yes hold down the attack button, charge the club and stun the enemies it hits. Use it sparingly and as a last resort to escape. If that fails, the best weapon (for lack of finding pistols or shotguns) to face the mutants is the club. This is made with a skull, a stick and a rope, and unlike the spears you can craft in the beginning, it will help you deal a lot of damage with a charged attack on a lot of enemies.

Create a club

Find the rope thrower

The first of the two items needed to get the shovel is the rope thrower. It’s been found in the cave closest to the scene of the accident where we started our adventure. But don’t let the proximity fool you. Inside there are different types of mutants that can quickly take care of you. Individually they aren’t much if you know to predict their moves, but in a two against one you have the chance to lose. However, it seems that if you move slowly and crouch they won’t notice your presence as much as if you were walking.

Don’t worry about turning off the lights either, if you’ve noticed, they have no eyes, which allows them to locate you by the sound you make. Try to keep your distance if you see more than one nearby. In the worst case, lures them into a bottleneck and try to disable them one by one. Past the first part of the cave you come to a wall with a large mutant blocking it. Fortunately there is clockwork C4 is charging close to him Throwing one at him is enough to unlock access to the rest of the cave.

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Keep going and you’ll eventually reach the rope thrower. Once you have it, you can use it to build ziplines or move through them.

Sons of the forest throw strings

Find the diving equipment.

Sons Of The Forest Cave Diving team

Now you need to go to the cave you see in the picture above. is direct north of your positionSo it takes a while to get there. Once inside, in the first room of the cave, there are a few mutants and one of those with a mouth for a chest. You don’t have to fight them. It’s more, “go cross country”. When you arrive at a lamp that seems to indicate where to go next, go the other way.

Sons Of The Forest Cave Vent

Don’t go to the light!

From here the cave much simpler, and if you go through it, you will come to a half-flooded room (follow the life jackets). Don’t go in the water yet, there it is a shark who has made this cave his den. After collecting the diving equipment near one of the lamps in the cave, you can now dive and dive, although you will not see very well without goggles, but you will not need them. After grabbing the equipment, wait for the shark to do so go away a little Enter the cave and go from where you took the equipment. Dive into the water to the right and follow the tunnel until you surface with theto the beach behind you.

Dive equipment

find the shovel

Now you have everything you need to go find the shovel, but rest well of medicines, food and water because it is going to be a long “caving” excursion. but most of all carry a grenade or time bombThen you understand why. Collect before using the zip line with the rope thrower the oxygen cylinder which is located at the bottom of a small canyon near the entrance. After using the zip line, it’s time to do some diving to find the next part of the cave. Shortly after, you’ll come to a “stone slide” area in the cave. when I go down follow the lights and continue with the next section.

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How could it be otherwise, it’s full of mutants. You can try to fight them or run away, although you will lose resources along the way (although nothing will stop us come back for them later, when we are better prepared for long battles and in numerical inferiority). Keep going and if you see them unfollowing you, look for resources (you might find the wet suit). After this section, there’s one more dive before we get to what we’re looking for. But be careful when you leave because there is such a thing seven mutants in what is essentially a narrow corridor.

Sons Of The Forest drowned mutants

Fortunately, there is a way to beat them without too much effort. Oddly enough, they cannot swim, and if they try to catch you with a jump or bite, they will drown if they fall into the water. Repeat this process with the ones you find unless you think you can use them. at the bottom of this section there’s the shovel along with other resources. Unfortunately, we cannot continue because there is a gap between us and an artificial underground structure.

Kick sons of the forest

There is nothing for it but to turn around and look for a way out. After undoing a third of the way, another huge mutant will tear down a wall but it’s too big to pass and blocks your way. Do you remember the explosive I told you to keep? It’s time use it. Drop it and continue through the cave that opened up. You surface with the “blessed” shovel in your possession.

if you are the same addicted for Sons of the Forest than us, don’t worry, because we’re preparing other guides and tricks for the game that -literally- broke Steam at launch, and has one of the NPCs that has endeared itself most for its “clumsiness or the usefulness of how much we’ve met in games like this.

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