One of Warzone 2.0’s leading experts shares his ‘One-Shot’ build: This is his pick of crossbow attachments in resurgence

The crossbow, one of the new weapons arriving in Warzone 2 Season 2 via the Path of Ronin event has sparked a certain inequality of opinion among the community. For a large number of users, so is the weapon weak. However, the popular Faze Booyaa well-known specialized player in Call of Duty, shared his selection of accessories designed specifically for Ashika Island. We’ll take a closer look at what he’s proposing below.

Before we tell you all the details of this construction, we remind you that if you want to know more about the game, you can visit our Warzone 2 analysis.

Accessories for the crossbow according to ‘FaZe Booya’

As we said at the beginning, the crossbow has not been very well received by players, especially when we use it in it Al Mazrah. This is because it is a weapon with a domain limited. However, the situation on Ashika Island is very different. Since we are a much smaller space, we can squeeze all of your stuff potential. And it is that this weapon, with the accessories that FaZe Booya shared in his videocan perform one-shot if we shoot in the head.

That said, without further ado, we leave you with the construction revealed by this expert.

Don't underestimate this weapon in Warzone 2: an expert classifies it as 'perfect' for Resurgence mode and these are the accessories it uses

Warzone 2 best accessories crossbow

  • bows: SO Moments.
  • Laser: 7mw LZR VLK.
  • Look: Schlager 3.4x.
  • Thread: 28 skeins of wire.
  • bolts: Blastcap bolts.

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