Open all the doors of the Sons of the Forest bunkers and facilities to discover their secrets: Where to find the access cards

In Sons of the Forest there are next to the caves other underground locations, but they are not of natural construction. These are bunkers or underground entrances in which dangers such as mutants can lurk, but also a good amount of resources and tools to help us survive.

But to open them all, we need some of them Cards that will unlock access to them, or to other areas that are within another area we previously unlocked. In this guide, we’ll tell you how and where to find it the three entry cards we need to go through those structures of the game Endless Games.

Map locations in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest cards are not found on the surface, but in various bunkers, facilities or underground shelters. to exist three of them: the maintenance, the VIP and the guests. They all serve to open a series of doors which requires these maps and which will provide us with resources and other tools to move forward.

Card Cards Sons Of The Forest

No it is possible to get them in any ordersince at least one requires another of the keys to obtain it. Apart from that, it will also be necessary to use the shovel to get the first one; You can check how to get the shovel here.

Get maintenance card

The first of the cards we need to obtain is the maintenance It is located in an underground area for which we will need the shovel. After digging up the entrance, we get to an area with access to a warehouse and a room. That is what interests us, next to a 3D printer, the maintenance card. This gives us access to the first doors of the complexes.

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Get the guest card

The guest card It’s in what was probably the first bunker we visited when we got to the game, with the 3D printer and access to a corridor but with the door locked. However, with the newly acquired maintenance card we can access it it was closed for good reason.

Sonsoftheforest 28 02 2023 14 07 18 589

The area we enter contains several mutants, so you’d better get out your guns to fight, because it’s hard to avoid fights. Now that they’re out of the game, we can continue exploring the area (making sure there are no others). After going through a gym or spa that looks more like a morgue due to the number of corpses it contains, we arrive at a large atrium with two staircases. We can climb either of the two. If we continue in a straight line (past the pool) we come to a sort of nightclub. On one of the tables (the one with different looks on it) is the card from guests.

Sonsoftheforest 01 03 2023 10 03 22 913

Get the VIP card

The last of the three missing cards is found in another bunker that is also accessible through a cave. After going through it a little, we get to a hatch that leads to a warehouse with various resources. There is a door in one of the walls maintenance key required. When we open it, we come to a facility that is clearly a greenhouse.

Sonsoftheforest 28 02 2023 17 03 01 414

If we get through and the mutants coming our way (a couple of babies plus one with jaws in a torso), we arrive at one area that floods. If we try to get to the end in a straight line, we’ll come to a door that requires the VIP card, which is exactly what we’re looking for. If we follow the path a little bit, we’ll see a detour to an area that is not so flooded anymore.

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It is a surveillance and research room in which we discover through the video on the playback screens the origin of mutants. But what interests us here is the VIP card What’s on the table, look where, belongs to Virginia.

Sonsoftheforest 28 02 2023 17 08 44 36

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With the three cards in our possession, we can go searching for a GPS signal indicates the presence of a bunker or underground facilities. It goes without saying that they are essential to gain access endgame zones plus rooms with other weapons and tools we might need later. If you want to know other things about Sons of the Forest, I refer you to Ivan Lerner’s article in which he confesses that it is the game that hooked him to the genre.

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