our verdict on Orange’s low-cost carrier in 2023

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Sosh is the low-cost and non-binding subsidiary of the operator Orange. The brand distinguishes itself through a mobile offer, fiber optics/ADSL, which is simpler and cheaper than the incumbent operator.

Who is Sosh?

To compete with the rise of low-cost virtual operators, and in particular to curb the rise of a free mobile, Orange launched its own brand in 2011 cheap called Sosh focused on non-binding offers. The services of the latter are then exclusively accessible via a web portal. Originally designed for mobile subscription offers, the brand evolved its business to fixed internet from 2013 with Livebox offers.

Sosh’s mobile, fiber and ADSL offerings

Mobile offer

The Sosh packages are deliberately less numerous than with Orange and generally revolve around the same offers in order to maintain consistency in the offer and, especially with Free, to better follow the competition. Usually two or three scalable packages are placed in a limited series, often between 5 and 150 GB, with prices ranging from 4.99 to 17.99 euros per month. The big advantage over Orange is that the prices remain fixed even after the first year and can be regarded as long-term packages.

But even if taking advantage of the operator’s network is a plus, we note that prices are usually higher than other brands. cheap such as RED or B&You, it is even more visible with external operators such as Cdiscount Mobile, Auchan Télécom or NRJ Mobile.

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The Sosh package offering generally consists of 2 packages at the head of the gondola and one more

At Chez it is of course possible to buy a mobile phone with or without a subscription, refurbished or new. Prices generally remain at the maximum advisor rate, but it is not uncommon to be able to take advantage of certain promotions depending on the commercial periods. About fifteen brands are available there, with models that may or may not be recent.

It is always possible to spread the payment over several installments free of charge with a first payment when ordering and with a fixed amount between 4 and 24 times.

Internet offer

Sosh has been offering a subscription in addition to mobile subscriptions for 10 years without involvement to fiber or ADSL called “the Sosh box”. It is simply a redesign of the Livebox Fiber offer at Orange at a lower price, namely 19.99 euros per month for one year, then 10 euros more. However, the price difference between the two offerings doesn’t justify the reduction in fiber speed, as the Sosh box is limited to 300 Mb/s for upload and download. Otherwise we always find TV and fixed telephony included in the offer. Sosh offers exclusive use of Livebox 5, there are no near-term plans to upgrade to the 6th generation of the famous box.

“The Sosh box” is a classic “Triple Play” internet offer with a lower fiber speed compared to Orange

So the Sosh box is an intermediate offering designed for classic and general public use and does not require higher speed for specific use.

The quality of the Orange network in 4G, but still no 5G

If there’s anything that Sosh can’t fault, it’s the quality of its mobile network, which is necessarily provided by Orange. The operator’s nationwide coverage is ensured by more than 28,000 sites and more than 91,000 antennas spread throughout the metropolitan area, covering all possible frequencies. If we stick to the official figures, Orange is therefore ahead of its direct competitors in this area. The historical implementation certainly helps.

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Operators 700MHz (B28) 800MHz (B20) 1800MHz (B3) 2100MHz (B1) 2600MHz (B7)
Orange 13,480 27,768 21,840 16,057 12,270
SFR 6,404 24,028 16,296 12,619 10 130
Bouygues Telecom 10,604 24,188 16,375 11,356 10,088
Free 23,611 19,432 5,986 18,798

But what about average speeds? According to’ArcepOrange is once again way ahead, with not only 4G coverage of 99% of the population, but also and above all average speeds that are far above the competition:

  • 89 Mb/s average download speed
  • 16 Mb/s average upload speed

According to the last nPerf barometer from 2022Orange also ranks first ahead of Free in terms of perceived speeds:

  • 89.23 Mb/s average download speed;
  • 13.10 Mb/s average upload speed.

The only real pitfall: Sosh doesn’t offer still no 5G plans, and even if the operator had announced that it is clearly only a matter of time, it still is not. This also makes him the last operator cheap don’t offer it yet.

The best packages of the moment

If Sosh hasn’t convinced you yet, you can consult the best mobile subscriptions of the moment thanks to our comparator.

B&You mobile subscription

Unlimited calling

200 GB in France

25 GB in Europe

SFR 5G mobile plan

Unlimited calling

140 GB in France

100 GB in Europe

YouPrice 4G package
The first
80 to 100GB

Unlimited calling

80 GB – 100 GB in France

16 in Europe

All mobile subscriptions

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