Pizza Possum Will Raid Our Pantry In 2023 – News

Presenting itself in 3D seen from above with a charming artistic direction, Pizza Possum tends along the lines of the Untitled Goose Game: take an animal, make it snort a hefty dose of methamphetamine (or any other drug of your choice), and unleash it on innocent humans. Here we are dealing with an arcade style game where each level is filled with chewable food. Unfortunately for our freeloader, the police are watching over the grain. We will therefore have to hide in the bushes to avoid the patrols before running on the food to fry it raw, then fleeing screaming like the infernal marsupial that we are.



Still in the spirit of the arcade, power-ups scattered throughout the levels will balance the balance of power. The boxing gloves stun the guards, the barriers block their passage and the marrowbones distract these police dogs (no Mr. Darmanin, it’s not an insult, the gendarmes are literally fangs). The recipe is simple, perhaps even effective: the initial feedback from PAX East is quite positive. The gameplay is frantic, the atmosphere is bright, and the mechanics are quite fun. For example, if innocent civilians are being chased, they will drop more food in panic. If you’ve ever dreamed of causing a panic with a small mammal like a rat in a three-star restaurant, Pizza Possum is made for you.

Pizza Possum will be nibbled out in 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch. Only local cooperation. The official website is just here.

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