Project Vitriol turns into The Thaumaturge, narrative RPG set in old Warsaw – News

To immerse us in their native Poland, the developers of Fool’s Theory (Seven: The Days Long Gone, also on the remake of the first The Witcher) naturally rely on a reconstruction as faithful as possible, but also on the prism of the supernatural and the power of the Unreal Engine 5. For the ins and outs of the plot, focus instead on the official description:

In this world, thaumaturges have an invaluable potential: these individuals have the ability to tame Salutors, spirit-like creatures that use thaumaturges to manipulate humans and even fight. The thaumaturges are the only ones who know the true nature of the Salutors. With their ability to wield considerable power over others, they can profoundly affect the world around them. However, the power of thaumaturgy should not be taken lightly…

Ghosts, are you there?

Nothing very innovative or very precise on paper, of course. But some mechanics are worth looking into, such as the promise of being able to influence the plot and dialogue by manipulating NPCs’ emotions. We can of course also use and abuse the powers of the Salutors in combat, but also in the exploration phases. Before the battle, The Thaumaturg seems to rely on a system of cards combining physical actions and esoteric incantations. In short, in the absence of gameplay, it will be necessary to be satisfied with drooling on the descriptions, certainly well tied, from the developers. The release date is still unknown.

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