Ravenswatch shows gameplay and releases early access date – News

Farewell to the quest for immortality and divine powers of Curse of the dead gods. For their new offspring, Raven watchthe Lyon studio Passtech games seeks the childhood memories of rogue-lite fans to serve them once again in a shaker version of black fantasy, and with a heavy dose of violence to accompany it.

The Tales of the Perched Raven

If you have always dreamed of becoming (in all friendship) Aladdin, the pied piper of Hamelin, the fairy Melusine, Beowulf, Little Red Riding Hood and the Snow Queen, Raven watch is on his way to satisfying some fantasies. The pitch couldn’t be simpler: the heroes of tales and legends must unite to defeat the hordes of the Nightmare, harvesting waves of increasingly powerful foes. As with any good rogue-lite respecting its specs you should advance as far as you can, improve your stats and skills, die and then start over, ad libitum.

The graphic touch of Raven watch connects directly to that of Curse of the dead gods, featuring a 3D top-down view, an almost cartoonish artistic direction with strong contrasts and plenty of effects that accompany the heroes’ special abilities. In terms of gameplay, the studio promises frenetic action, huge possibilities of skill combinations and a playable game in online co-op with four players at once.

Scheduled for April 6, 2023 in Early Access on Steam, Passtech Games’ new production will also be available “on all platforms”according to the official press release, when it launches in 2024.

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