Redfall Reveals Some Secrets With Its Story Trailer – News

Arkane Austin, Texas affiliate of the Lyonnais studio of the same name, is encouraging the dissemination of information about red autumn. Primarily cooperative FPS, it invites players to wipe out vampires, ghouls and other rare creatures in an open city that must be cleared district by district. If unlike a dead loop or a dishonored, red autumn seems to have no vocation to reinvent the powder, it is nevertheless necessary to hope to be able to count on the developers’ know-how to produce a nervous and reactive FPS.

Secrets of History

The latest trailer sheds light on the events that led to Redfall Island descending into chaos. Scientists with obvious mental disorders have set themselves the goal of finding the secret of immortality. No luck, everything goes wrong, and here the area has quickly been invaded by hordes of monsters waving the “You’ve been bitten, you’ve been screwed” sign. The icing on the cake: the experiments led to the creation of Vampire Gods, determined to bring humanity to its knees and turn it into an XXL storehouse.

The official press release emphasizes the fact that it will be necessary to cooperate with its allies to overcome the enemy forces. Each character has specific skills, which must be coordinated with his little comrades. In terms of casting, Arkane invites to meet”Devinder, the cryptozoologist who is too curious for his own good, Layla, the telekinetic student, Remi, the brilliant military engineer, and finally Jacob, the former army sniper“. A disparate distribution, which it is currently unclear whether it will expand later.

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red autumn will be available on May 2, 2023 on Xbox Series X|S and PC. The title will be available day one on the Game Pass. The impatient can now pre-order the software.

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