Redfall tells us its story in a new video, we see the Boss Vamp

Redfall tells us its story in a new video, we see the Boss Vampires

While the hands-on previews of Redfall are ready to be released, Bethesda Softworks decided to give away a story cookie about the game: How did vampires take over the world? Where do they come from? An onset of reaction is evoked in this new trailer where we learn that these leeches were created by Aevum Therapeutics, an experimental lab that made these transformations possible. Suddenly, mercenaries will be hired to take back the city of Redfall from the hands of these nasty creatures, each with specific abilities. For example, there is Devinder, the cryptozoologist who is too curious for his own good, Layla, the telekinetic student, Remi, the brilliant military engineer, and finally Jacob, the former army sniper. Redfall is clearly played solo, but according to the developers at Arkane Austin, the title reveals its primary interest in collaboration.

The release of REDFALL is expected on May 2 on PC and Xbox Series knowing that it will be available on the first day of Game Pass. Regal at the bar.

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