reduced latency, 100 times more powerful, the network of the future arrives from 2030

A white paper 6G needs and design considerations which will serve to build a unified 6G innovation system was released by the Next Gen Mobile Networks Alliance (NGMN), a group of mobile network operators.

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6G has been talked about for years and some countries have already started research to develop the networks of the future. South Korea in particular wants to launch its network from 2028, while we also know that France is also working on this new standard so as not to lag behind Asia.

While until now everyone developed the technology on their own side, operators from all over the world came together to prepare a white paper with a list of specifications to respect. That already gives us an idea of ​​the potential of 6G. Among the members of the Next Gen Mobile Networks Alliance, we find Orange in particular, but no other French operator.

What can you expect from 6G?

Making an analogy about the speed of each network, a China Telecom official said that ” 3G network is a bicycle, 4G network is a car, 5G is a high-speed train, so 6G is an airplane », so we have a good idea of ​​what to expect.

According to the report, the network capacity of 6G will be ten times that of 5G. In terms of performance, 6G speeds can be up to 100 times faster than 5G data download speeds, up to 1 Tbps. Like its predecessors, the new standard will also focus on latency, which is expected to drop from milliseconds (1/1000 of a second) down to the microsecond (1/1000000 of a second).

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Qualcomm had already planned that the higher mid-range frequencies of 6G would be between 7 GHz and 24 GHz. For comparison: the average frequencies of 5G are between 2 GHz and 4 GHz.

According to the white paper, 6G is still in its infancy and should be ready for deployment by 2030. It is expected that this technology will be widely used by companies in the industrial sector, benefiting not only this sector, but also all companies operating in the Internet of Things.

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