Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to defeat the game’s final boss, Lord Saddler, and escape the island before it is destroyed

The final boss of Resident Evil 4 Remake, Lord Saddlemaker, has harassed us throughout the adventure with his sermons and is also responsible for the plagues that threaten to spread all over the world. But be careful, it’s not a turkey cry, because it is the strongest enemy in the game (as any good boss should be).

The fact is that we will need him to face him one of the best in our arsenal, and that means using the biggest guns. And like previous bosses, it has your own strategy. I tell you what it is in this guide to the game of Capcom.

Battle Lord Saddler in Resident Evil 4 Remake

After Leon and Ashley take care of them “problem” with the pests, there’s little more to do on the Isle of the Cult of the Plagues than escape. But Lord Saddler he is not satisfied at all with the ability to escape and speak to the world about the cult’s fanatical leader’s plans for humanity.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Saddler 0

To prevent them from escaping, he did Ada Wong arrested and has her as bait for Leon to save her. It is clear that the ex-cop of Raccoon City will not let her down and confronts Saddler. After Ada is freed and she walks away from joining the fight, it’s up to Leon to give a proper account of the main parasite.

Lord Saddler Phase 1

Initially, Saddler is shown to us as a huge beast that comes to hit us and crush us. He is faster than the giants, but can be stunned more easily than them. You will see there are in some ends of his body huge eyes; specifically in what the joints would be. We must equip ourselves with our strongest weapon (a magnum if we have any) and shoot them.

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Yes we achieved them both with our photos Saddler will be stunned and exposed its main weakness. Now what we need to do is aim our attacks at that eye, either with our knives or weapons (I recommend these, as they the blade may not last long). We repeat the process until Saddler literally falls (but from the platform, which still has some rope left). You can speed up this process if you numb it you shoot him with an RPG that you bought the peddler in the eye so that he falls on his weak point with a single shot.

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Phase 2 Lord Saddler

In this second and final stage, Saddler will grow bigger and surround us with his tentacles with barely any room to move. In front of us, at some distance, he stands, protected by some kind of organic container. Meanwhile, his tentacles they try to crush us. To avoid his blows in this phase, it is enough to go to the opposite side from where the tentacle that wants to attack us has come out (if it comes to the left, to the right and vice versa); come before us and it is easy to guess their movements. At the same time, when the interface tells us to dodge by pressing the key or the button we have to do it.

Resident Evil 4 remake Saddler 2

There’s nothing for it but to continue attacking the monster’s core, but it doesn’t seem to fall. He will return soon after Ada with an RPG. We have to catch him and repeat the game of a rocket in his throat. Just like before, a single effect that will do. After exchanging some impressions with Ada and meeting Ashley, it’s time to escape from the island.

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escape the island

The escape from the island simply does not hold many secrets you must follow the only way we have for The biggest problem comes from counting down the time left for the island and its facilities to self-destruct. By the way, don’t forget to pick up the only Castilian doll that is currently missing. At the end of the tour we need a jet ski and escape through the underground river.

Resident Evil Remake 4 motorcycle exhaust

the jet ski can lose speed if you hit a small obstacle, but it’s worse if you don’t dodge a wall or solid obstacle. As with the boat in the battle against the lake monster, integrity will lose at every impact. However, the escape sequence is not difficult. to delay release from pushing forward with the controller or W button and it will be easier for you to turn to avoid obstacles. Be careful, yes, in the last stretch, because it will be difficult to get the Rocky formations of the river that prevent us from reaching the exit.

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Congratulations! You have completed Resident Evil 4 Remake. But just the storyto unlock all the achievements you have a long way to go after you unlock the highest difficulty. And it goes without saying that there is still content to achieve in this excellent remake.

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