Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to defeat the Lake Monster

Resident Evil 4 Remake presents us with a large number of difficulties and enemies that we will face. Therefore, it is always recommended to improve our weapons to the maximum. However, we can not always as it is in the case of Monster of the lake. This boss is faced in a somewhat peculiar way, so in the following guide we’ll tell you how best to do it. Come on!

Resident Evil Remake 4: How to Beat the Lake Monster

We arrived at the Monster of the Lake as part of the Chapter 3, as we try to open the church. We have to do this too recover the fuel. All this is not difficult to find and it will happen before the confrontation with the troll. When we arrive we can see the creature coming out of the water from a viewpoint and as soon as we use the boat we will encounter it. Remember that the map always indicates the point where we need to go, so there is no loss.

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This fight takes place in this vehicle and we have no weapons to use, only a harpoon. If you’ve played the original Resident Evil 4, you know how it goes. In that sense it is not much different.

If not, the first thing we should do aim with the harpoon to any part of the sample. He will drag us along and the hardest part of the race is to keep the boat in the right direction and not let it crash into an obstacle. This is very important.

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Resident Evil 4 Lake Monster

Later this creature will devote itself to disappear and appear in another direction. The ideal is to wait until his mouth is open for us to perform a single blow and he moves away from us. We just have to repeat this system until the kinematics appear that indicate that we are done with it. Thus we close the chapter. We’re a little closer to Ashley now.

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Now that the “zombies”, (vermin), are back, don’t miss our Resident Evil 4 Remake news section to keep up with all the news and curiosities. Moreover, you can also discuss all of them with other users through the 3DJuegos Discord server. And you know what they say: “Behind you…”.

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