Ring launches Battery Doorbell Plus, with HD+ and head-to-toe viewing

The reference brand of connected doorbells is launching a new battery-powered model with new features. Specifically, it offers a viewing angle of 150 x 150º and a video quality of 1536p.

A connected doorbell offers many benefits, starting with being able to communicate with a visitor even when you are not at home. In addition, the vast majority of these also act as surveillance cameras and thus allow you to film in front of your home, in accordance with the legal framework.

Since its foundation in 2013, Ring has become the pioneer brand in this field. It offers a wide range of products, both wired and battery operated. The most popular doorbell is the Video Doorbell, which has evolved and updated four times, with each generation bringing new features. However, none had a viewing angle of more than 90º vertically. This means that the field of view was limited to the person’s torso, but not below, so you couldn’t see if a package had been placed in front of your house.

HD+ video and 150º field of view

Ring was somewhat overtaken by the competition in this area, most notably with the Arlo Essential Wire-Free Video Doorbell. To catch up, it just announced the new Battery Doorbell Plus. It is based on its predecessors, but brings some new features, namely an HD + definition of 1536p and a field of view of 150 x 150º. The latter makes it possible to see visitors from head to toe, but also to monitor whether a package remains on the sidewalk.

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It is powered by an easily removable rechargeable battery, but can also run wired and even via a solar accessory. Like most Ring products, it features two-way audio, compatibility with Alexa and Echo and Fire TV devices, and interchangeable faceplates, allowing for extensive customization.

An almost essential subscription

The Battery Doorbell Plus can also be expanded with many features with a Ring Protect subscription. This brings in particular the storage of videos in the cloud, but also the intelligent notifications, which allows you to be notified only in the event of the detection of a person or even a package. It is of course also possible to create motion or confidentiality zones, so as not to receive untimely notifications or even to film your neighbors.

Released in April

The new Ring Battery Doorbell Plus will be available from April 13, 2023 for a price of 179.99 euros, a price that is very similar to comparable products. Purchase comes with a one-month trial of Ring Protect and a coupon for a free faceplate.

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