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This time the time has come, the OnePlus 11 Concept is official. The manufacturer took advantage of the MWC to unveil the new iteration of its latest flagship equipped with a liquid cooling system. The focus is of course on the players, who can enjoy a large number of FPS thanks to this technology.

oneplus 11 official concept

It was one of the most anticipated announcements of this first day of MWC. Last week, OnePlus caused a stir by revealing the first images of a brand new OnePlus 11 model, titled Concept. These already pointed to a curious light network on the back of the smartphone, which has long fueled rumors of inspiration for the Nothing Phone (1).

But these rumors were quickly dispelled when OnePlus revealed a little more about this famous network, specifying that it is actually a liquid cooling system. Today it’s official. In a press release, the manufacturer unveiled its brand new Concept, equipped with Active CryoFlux technology.

OnePlus unveils its first smartphone equipped with a liquid cooling system

As with their companions on PC, this technology is mainly aimed at veteran players on smartphones. Indeed, according to tests conducted by OnePlus, Active CryoFlux can lower the temperature of the device by up to 2.1 degrees during a gaming session, significantly increasing the frame rate displayed on the screen. Another improvement, the cooling system also lowers the temperature of the smartphone while charging, reducing the charging time by 30 to 45 seconds.

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As the first images showed us, therefore, the OnePlus 11 Concept has a resolutely futuristic design with its transparent back that reveals the network of pipes. The Chinese company also innovates at the level of its photo module, here decorated with Guilloche engravings usually found on luxury watches and here entering the smartphone market. Note that the manufacturer does not specify whether this model will be available for sale to the general public.

oneplus 11 concept mwc
Credits: Phone Android

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