Seeing that the giant python has an unusual ‘bulge belly’, the owner ‘questioned’ when he knew what was inside –

Waking up to see a python with an abnormally large belly lying in front of the yard, the uncle picked up the soul when he knew what was durable in its stomach.

Recently, an incident that happened in a village in An Thong province, Thailand has been passed around non-stop.

According to Newsplay, that night, as usual, people in this village went to sleep as if nothing had happened.

The next morning, at dawn, a homeowner went out to prepare gardening tools when suddenly witnessed a horrifying scene, specifically in the front yard, right where the abandoned barn appeared. present a python with a fairly large size, this deer did not react when the owner appeared and it was also slow to get out of the cage.

Because its belly is abnormally enlarged.

Looking at the python’s swollen belly, the owner was extremely scared but then he breathed a sigh of relief because the children in his house were still unharmed.

At this moment, the man above called the snake catcher to find a way to handle it as well as clearly see what is inside the belly of the other Trang.

From the video recorded, a snake catcher entered the cage with his bare hand to pull it out before the snakeman’s technique, and he quickly vomited the bulge in his stomach in front of the heroic witness of the snake. The owner and the people around, it turned out that the victim who was handled by Trang last night were the two big cats of Mr. Ra Thapian Thong’s family, a snake catcher, who thought that the python might have been secretly hugging. close to the prey and wait for the right moment to strike.

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It appeared to be very hungry and devoured two cats, according to Newsplay.

The python belongs to the common reticulated python in Southeast Asia.

This species usually lives in forests, swamps, canals.

And even cities.

In the human habitat, the reticulated page is one of the largest reptiles in the world.

They can swallow large prey such as cats, dogs, birds, mice and other reptiles.

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