Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, The Evil Within) leaves his studio, Bethesda oblig

Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil, The Evil Within) leaves his studio, Bethesda is forced to speak up

While Hi-Fi Rush came as a surprise just a few weeks ago, the Tango Gameworks studio will have to say goodbye to its president and founder, the feisty Shinji Mikami, aka the creator of the Resident Evil saga, when he worked at Capcom. The announcement was first relayed by the True Achievements site, which obtained a copy of an email sent to Bethesda Softworks employees announcing Mikami’s departure. Faced with this leak, Bethesda Softworks has decided to formalize the news through a tweet to confirm that Shinji Mikami’s departure will take place in a few months.

We remember that Tango Gameworks was bought just a few months after its creation in 2010, which made it possible to produce the two episodes of The Evil Within, but also a certain Ghostwire: Tokyo that did not have the expected success. . The reasons for his departure were of course not mentioned, but it is inevitable that the Japanese game designer wants to find new independence after 13 years of collaboration with an American company. We remember that Shinji Mikami expressed regret that he hadn’t made the game he wanted since he left PlatinumGames, where he had been working on a certain Vanquish. At the age of 53, it is not too late to realize his last dream…

Tango game works

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