Show FPS in Warzone 2 on PC

There are several ways to do the fps our games reach PC in multiple ways. However, the battle royale of the Call of Duty saga, the famous Warzone 2, allows us to see it from its own settings. In this guide we will see how to activate this counter Step-by-step.

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Warzone 2: how to activate the FPS counter

Obviously the first thing we’ll do is launch the game from the launcher in which we acquired it. It can be from Steam or from Once this is done, let’s go to the Options menu. This is located at the top right of the screen. We click on the wheel icon.

warzone 2 pc settings

Once this is done, we will see a panel appear on the side of our screen. We need to click on the said option “Couple”. When you do this you will see a large list of options. You have to go down them until you find a section called “Telemetry”. So click right where it says “Show more”.

This setting is very important in Warzone 2 and few know it: improve your games with the best FOV settings on PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Warzone 2 Telemetry Show more

Right after that you will see an option that says “FPS counter”. You just have to click through activate it. You will notice that a message appears in the top left corner of the screen. meters with the number of FPS the game is currently running at.

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