Shuttles go off, NHTSA launches an investigation

Faced with several cases where Tesla Model Y owners have completely detached the steering wheel, the NHTSA has decided to open another investigation against the automaker.

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And another one. And yes, we just learned that NHTSA, the US federal agency in charge of road safety, has opened another investigation against Tesla. This time, the institution decided to focus on possible design flaws in Model Y steering wheels.

In documents published on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, NHTSA said it is aware of two separate incidents where Tesla Model Ys have been sold in 2023 and during which the steering wheel of the SUV had completely detached from the steering column.

NHTSA is investigating faulty Model Y steering wheels

NHTSA’s preliminary review opened March 4, and according to the institution, its investigations currently concern no less than 120,000 vehicles. This has been proven in the two cases mentioned above both vehicles were delivered without the mounting bolt which is used to attach the steering wheel to the steering column. In addition, the two SUVs were new (with several miles on the clock) at the time of the incidents.

One of the complaints listed by NHTSA stems from a tweet that went viral and that we also featured in our columns in January 2023. As a reminder, a father told on the social network about his terrible misfortune.

Having just picked up his brand new Model Y after months of waiting, he headed home with his family. Already after a few kilometers, the steering wheel suddenly shoots off. Fortunately, the driver manages to avoid the worst and pull over.

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In this affair, Tesla had not settled his image since the brand had the audacity to charge $103 up to the user to make the repairs… Before he finally changes his mind and provide a replacement Model Y for the family.

A study that adds to a long list

For now, a mass recall is not on the agenda. NHTSA will try first to investigate the frequency of the problem and determine the potential number of vehicles involved. As mentioned above, Tesla recalls have been linked in recent weeks.

At the beginning of March 2023, the brand recalled several thousand Model Y due to loose bolts, especially in the seats. It should also be remembered that Tesla’s Autopilot continues to be at the center of several investigations conducted by the US Department of Justice and NHTSA.

Source : The edge

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