Sons of the Forest – All types of armor and how to make them

The combat in Sons of the Forest has its intricacies. It’s not one of those with a deep combat system like other games, but it does have that enough mechanics to give it an unusual depth for a survival game. In addition to controlling hunger, thirst or rest (which determine our resistance and health), fighting also has its difficulty.

Certain attacks from the cannibals and mutants can make us shiver, and resources are scarce, so spending the drugs in a single cave or bunker is not a plan. That’s why I come to explain the different types of armor that are in the game Endless Games and how they can be made.

Armor in Sons of the Forest

Our tactical or survival suit at Sons of the Forest It is not the most appropriate protection to withstand attacks from mutants and cannibals. In the same way, it will not protect us from the elements of winter. Therefore, it is imperative that we try to protect ourselves with some armor that we can create in the game; some more resistant and others less so.

everyone has something in common: except for the golden armor (unique in the game as it is unbreakable and must be worn to access the endgame), they eventually break. So you need to stock up on fabrics, ropes and other basic items so as not to fall into battle if you receive a lot and have spare parts. For now, it’s enough to know that for now there are four types armor that we can craft in Sons of the Forest, plus one more besides the gold one but that is collected is not made.

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knife armour

It’s the type of armor most basic of the game. It is made with the leaves that we collect after chopping or hitting the bushes in the forest with other weapons, so it is very easy to always have several plates of it. To make it we need only a piece of fabric for ten sheets.

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It is also the most vulnerable, and it won’t reduce much in-game incoming damage. In any case, it only serves to fight against the cannibals going on all fours and covered with mud; the others (not to mention the mutants in the caves) will give a good idea of ​​this basic protection.

leather armor

The second level of armor is reached with the skins of large animals which we hunt, mainly deer. Need two hides or skins and combine them with A piece of fabric. This earns us a badge and at first it is difficult to hunt deer. However, it also serves the winter months being the warmest protection.

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In battle it will make us one average protection. He takes a few hits from the base cannibals and maybe one or two from the base mutants, but not from the bigger ones or from cannibals armed with stabbing weapons or from the bigger ones. For them, the next type of armor is better.

bone armor

Of those that we can regularly produce, it is the most resistant. We need four bones, tape and a rope. It is slightly more “expensive” in terms of resources than the other two, but it offers one advanced protection. It will take several hits from almost all enemies.

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Unfortunately, unlike leather, it offers no protection against the winter cold. As for the bones, either you explore the caves (which puts you in danger against the mutants), or you attack cannibal camps and destroy their inhabitants and burn the corpses in a bonfire to get bones.

Tech armor

the armor the most powerful of all It is the one that also needs more materials. One of them is only possible to get on 3D printers, the technological loopholes. In addition, we need cables, tape, batteries and circuit boards (you can get them breaking the laptops found in the game).

Sonsoftheforest 06 03 2023 15 32 15 12

Despite what it costs, it is profitable to have it equipped. Apart from providing thermal protection, it is also the one that has highest resistance index, even more than gold. It can also break, but will not sooner from several attacks from the most powerful enemies or quite a few from the rest of the enemies. The main problem is what it costs to make a board. Save it better to go through caves and in the fight against the strongest mutants.

Sons of the Forest - How to craft and use the rudimentary weapons early in the game

horrible armor

There is one last type of armor: the terrible. Under that picturesque name we have an armor that does not need of any type of additional material to manufacture and use it. The level of protection is midway between that of leaves and leather. It doesn’t protect much, but it doesn’t give a stone to wear it.

To get it and use it is as easy as skin the mutants you kill. The problem is that it won’t reduce much of the damage we take from them. whatever it is more suitable confront most basic cannibals.

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