Sons of the Forest – Where to find the pistol, a weapon accessible from the start and quite useful when we aim

Although at the beginning in Sons of the Forest we can only equip ourselves with rudimentary weaponsit is clear that there are parts of the caves and cannibal camps in which the melee will not be a suitable option to deal with the enemies of the game Endless Games.

Therefore one of the best weapons what can we get input it’s the gun. Unlike others, you can get it as soon as you start the game and without having to get anything more Essential elements for survival.

Cannon location in Sons of the Forest

The rifle from Sons of the Forest is easy to find, but it won’t be as easy to find as the anesthetic stick that’s near one of the places we appear in the game. you have to go certain distance to get it, but it’s not the most complicated part.

Sons Of The Forest Gun Location

The exact location is one of the beaches that there is in the north-northwest of the island. To be more precise, it is where one of the GPS locators that we can see in the navigator that we carry with us to orient ourselves around the island indicates. So the first thing we need to do is stock up on cooked meat or rations (if we don’t find them on the way) and water and on our way to that beach.

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get the gun

when we go out early in the morningwe have to be able to be at the location in plenty of time, so that it does not get dark when we arrive. It is not necessary Let Kelvin come with us, but if you feel safer with him or don’t want to leave him, ask him to follow you. When we are near the place marked by the GPS, we will see it a lifeboat a little off the coast. It’s time to swim. But first, if you take a second synthetic canvas, put on a shelter and save the game.

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In the raft at the corpse of one of the members of the opposing team rescue, there’s the gun along with other resources plus the GPS locator. If you have no accidents on arrival it is better because while you are collecting what you need from the boat you will probably see a shark jumping out of the water. Don’t lose your cool, you are now armed and able to defend yourself (although I recommend you don’t waste bullets on it). If you have a bow and arrows or spears, you can try to scare it off by throwing some at it when it appears on the surface. Or you can also play it and swim again. It is now clear why you would say to set up a shelter, right?

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Activate the "god mode" to use all the cheats and control everything in your single or multiplayer games of Sons of the Forest

When is it better to use the gun

By demanding one specific ammunition, it would be advisable not to use it to kill a lone enemy. Use spears or the mace to kill him. However, for different enemies, its use is advisable and for good purpose. Any bullet impact to the head of almost all enemies (at least those with an anatomy similar to ours) will result in instant death.

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Naturally, this occurs in the caves certain types of mutants (the one with jaws on the torso, or the “Siamese”) will make your life easier, but I insist that control over the ammunition or avoid fights. If you have it in your possession, you can also consider exploring more dangerous caves, like the one we need to visit to get the shovel.

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