spam filter no longer works, users are flooded with scams

Outlook users were inundated with spam for hours on the night of February 21, 2023. Microsoft engineers managed to fix the problem, but testimonials continue to flood the networks.

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Thousands of Microsoft Outlook users have complained that they sometimes received dozens of spam emails in their email client. I’technical incident that affected Microsoft for over nine hours has disabled the spam filter, with the consequences known to us. Messages testifying to this failure flourished on the web: emails that would normally have been classified as junk ended up in the main box.

As Reddit member RishiRich says, “The setting that doesn’t seem to work is: Junk E-mail > Filters > Only trust e-mail from addresses on my senders list, domains and safe mailing lists [mais] nothing is filtered”. Another user adds: I received 36 spam emails in my inbox the past two hours. It’s been going on for too long and it’s only getting worse by the hour.”

The Outlook spam filter was broken and was letting spam through

The company’s crews were hard at work all night, and the problem has apparently been resolved. In any case, the platform for monitoring the operational status of the services indicates that there is no problem to report. Microsoft applications are unfortunately known to suffer from these types of problems. Just under a month ago, in January 2023, thousands of users in Europe and Asia were unable to email or call.

Microsoft has bundled all the software in the suite Office under the new name Microsoft 365. Bringing dozens of applications together on the same platform and making sure they work well together is a challenge. Especially since the Redmond company is always offering more features by taking advantage of AI in its applications, sometimes with unfortunate consequences. The AI ​​used in Bing now threatens its users and avoids tough questions.

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