SpeedDons 2023: French speedrunning at the top level

On the third floor of the Palais des Congrès, between March 9 and 12, the atmosphere is surprisingly calm when you know that the third edition of SpeedDons releases passions there. Respect to the builders. Because from the outside no one would suspect that hundreds of people, on the spot or behind their screens, are cheering with excitement at the performance of speedrunners, these extreme e-athletes capable of completing their favorite game in record time. Fueled by the favorable winds of ZEvent and other charity events based on the world of video games, the organizers raised no less than 1,252,637 euros for Dokters van de Wereld this year. Nothing seems to stop the progress of this new high mass, founded by MisterMV in 2021 and animated by big names in streaming such as Laink, DamDam, RealMyop, Antoine Daniel, Gom4rt or ZeratoR. On the occasion of a day, we immersed ourselves in this not-so-microcosm, re-learning its origins and trying to observe its future evolutions.

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