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When you have to wait that long to see gameplay, it smells like sausage. First to leak on Twitter and other usual networks of the leak revealed a good RPG, a good game services inventory system. Alas, it was all true. THE Suicide Squad from Rocksteady will therefore take us, alone or with others, to Metropolis to follow the trials of Harley Quinn, King Shark, Boomerang and Deadshot. So many characters for so few different mechanics. Aside from the movement methods, unique to each villain, it’s a matter of shooting in the heap while spinning in the air. That has little to do with super sauerkraut, you will agree. A few melee skills will diversify the action a bit, but it will mostly be a matter of taking out big purple pustules to fend off the alien invader. No Justice League fight has been shown yet.

Will you adopt microtransactions?

A pseudo-RPG system on the destination darkens the image. Borderlands style, each weapon has a specific manufacturer, with its “+0.2% Critical” and “-2.5% Poison” modifiers. Some weapon sets rely on well-known super-villains, such as Bane, whose set promises very naughty gameplay. At the same time, a battle pass “with only cosmetic elements” will add trinkets such as costumes, accessories and emotes. Truly everything that is expected of the heir of Arkham.

They do it on purpose to piss us off, that's for sure
They do it on purpose to piss us off, that’s for sure

Well, come on, everything does not breathe discomfort. The arrival of Wonder Woman as an ally and Lex Luthor as a vital witness to protect suggests interesting script pirouettes. Our compliments especially for the second knives. With Toyman and Gizmo as props, the Penguin as gunsmith and Hack as IT support, Rocksteady has created the right drawer bottoms to match the colors of a Suicide Squad halftone. However, I’m not sure that’s enough to hold our attention in the long run. The developers promise to support their baby over time, with “new missions and new playable characters” offered as a seasonal model. Already now, that the basic experience can satisfy us, we’ll see.

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By the way: internet connection required, even solo. It’s the brush on the Claymore mine.

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