Surprise, The Outer Worlds Returns Among Us With The Spacer’s Choice Edition – News

This re-release is similar to remasters as it is reserved for consoles next generation. Over there Spacer’s Choice Edition includes”better graphics resolution, a dynamic weather system, an overhaul of lighting and environments. It also offers better performance, shorter load times, more detailed characters and a higher level cap.“. So many improvements that are apparently too heavy for our old bikes.”Other noveltieswithout details will also be included. Likely not new missions, given the description, rather facelifts too minor to be marketing assets. Keep in mind that the two DLCs, Danger on Gorgon And Assassination of Eridanusare included.

Final price: € 59.99. Note that if you already own the game and its expansions on PC, Xbox One or PS4, you can upgrade for “only” €9.99. As my ancestor would say, it’s a commercial gesture.

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