Take advantage of AI with these free tools to write and summarize texts in seconds

One of the main benefits of artificial intelligence is the technology’s ability to offer alternatives to users depending on which situations. In the context of this, for example, in recent days we have delved into various tools with which take advantage of GPT-4, the latest language model from the makers of ChatGPTor in it several free options similar to Midjourney that can generate images in seconds. However, there is one aspect that we have not delved into and that is, of course, one of the most useful aspects of artificial intelligence: their ability to analyse, summarize and work on all kinds of texts.

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So there are currently a host of tools that interested parties can use to compress the capabilities of AI to break down any aspect of a given text. In this way, for example, we present to you the virtues of a page that, by reading a PDF, is capable extract every aspect of it to answer all your questions. And thankfully this is just one of many examples we’ll list below. So if you want to know how to get the most out of one of the most useful AI options, don’t miss the three tools which we will introduce to you

Know everything you need about any document without having to read it

The most practical tool in this collection is chatPDF. The name, which clearly pays homage to the popular ChatGPT, refers to its ability: can read any pdf that we share So after a few minutes of reading, this artificial intelligence-powered bot will answer any question the user asks. And luckily for Spanish speakers, he can answer all sorts of questions in Spanisha condition that gives you an extra dose of accessibility.

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As you can see on these lines, we used a text by Marta Albelda on the linguistic rudeness in informal conversations. After uploading the document to the official page of ChatPDFthe necessary tools a few seconds to read everything in it and then he suggested a set of standard questions. However, we decided to ask him for a 200-word summary of the PDF content, and amazingly, he was able to execute it in less than a minute. As a supplementary tool to work with, few are as useful as ChatPDF.

A very useful browser extension

An option similar to ChatPDF, but with a more global approach The way. This tool, available in beta via The official page of Wiseone, is an extension for Google Chrome (or other compatible browsers such as Brave) that allows you to take advantage of the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Thus, as can be seen in the description of the web page, those interested can simplify information, delve into different aspects and other types of options available thanks to the extension.

The way

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If you install it, you can eg. collect additional information on a specific word or field that appears in every text on the web. This way, if you don’t know a specific term or want to know what function a particular government agency performs, you don’t have to leave the page to search in another window, as Wiseone offers context immediately. In addition, it makes it possible by having the ability to simplify the information efficient reading because the user can focus their attention on a particular aspect or a summary of what is being shown.

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The best tool to customize your texts

Last but not least quilbot, another tool that uses artificial intelligence to compress various aspects of writing. As seen below these lines, it is currently only available in English (with special emphasis on the North American side) and beyond German; however, if you work with and/or have knowledge of these languages, few tools will be as useful as Quillbot.


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As an example, we shared a short text with artificial intelligence in which we indicated the editor of the text and our intent (check the functionality of the robot). After this, we chose to use the feature paraphrase, one of many available options. Surprisingly, the result is more than convincing. So to this option we must add others such as the possibility of rewriting texts, editing them, changing the tone or eliminating grammatical errors. So, Quillbot has a wide range of capabilities with which interested parties can get a lot out of it with the help of artificial intelligence.

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