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The announcement is therefore not yet public at the time of writing, but Bethesda employees have just learned from their Vice President, Todd Vaughn, that the famed director of Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Resident Evil 4, God Hand, Vanquish and The Evil Within will be leaving the studio he founded on his own in 2010 in a few months before being bought by Bethesda after a few months. Under the wing of the American publisher, the Japanese studio first launched a new survival horror license with The Evil Within (2014) and then The Evil Within 2 (2017), before detouring into open-world action with Ghostwire: Tokyo. In a completely different register, Tango Gameworks created this year’s pleasant surprise with the rhythmic action game Hi-Fi Rush. A game not created by Shinji Mikami but by John Johanas, previously responsible for The Evil Within 2 and which Todd Vaughn describes as “one of the most successful launches in recent years for Bethesda and Xbox.

“We haven’t really made the game I want yet.”

Shinji Mikami, 57, credited as an executive producer since The Evil Within 2, recently expressed a desire to make one more game before he retires. to emphasize that he has not yet been able to realize his ideal game. However, his departure from Tango Gameworks sheds some light on the future of the veteran, whose career began at Capcom in 1990 before taking off in 1996 with the release of Resident Evil, a franchise that has since sold 135 million games worldwide. world. His trajectory, often linked to that of personalities like Atsushi Inaba and Hideki Kamiya, could have led him to sign up with PlatinumGames on a long-term basis, but Mikami preferred to leave the studio after the release of Vanquish to re-establish connecting to horror on The Evil Within. not without having taken under his wing the then unknown young artist Ikumi Nakamura.

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