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This is probably the only common point she shares with Ellie in The Last of Us Part II, but Tchia can actually play her instrument freely through a circular menu that lists the different strings and notes. Once unlocked at the beginning of the story, the child can pull out her ukulele anywhere, whether for fun or for more interested motives. Long ago, Link had his ocarina to transform the world around him. The same goes for the ukulele van chia whose “Soul Melodies” have the power to conjure up useful resources for exploration and combat. The ukulele, a social tool used to bond with other music lovers on the island, will also take center stage in rhythmic mini-games related to the story, but optional nonetheless.


Maano to Maano

As director Phil Crifo explains: chia is not a very action-oriented game, but the young heroine will have to face a number of dangers during her adventure. The main enemies, the Maano, take the form of cloth and wooden dolls, two materials that burn particularly well. This explains the ubiquity of fire in combat: in addition to using the catapult, any combustible object can be thrown at the enemy, in particular with the mechanics of soul jumping, not to mention the explosives that this culprit of chia can store in his backpack. The enemies will generally be gathered in small camps or imposing fortresses whose dust piles must be destroyed to prevent the Maano from appearing again. Finally, Awaceb doesn’t want to show off too much here, but totem shrines scattered around the open world apparently pose some tough challenges. A favorite of Sony Interactive Entertainment, chia will be available on the day of release in the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscription.

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