Tesla Master Plan 3, AI is a very expensive rollable smartphone

The week of February 27 was very busy with rich and interesting news: Tesla unveiled in particular its Masterplan 3 during a long conference dedicated to investors, a study revealed the astronomical figures that an AI at ChatGPT would cost Google and the editors of Frandroid took the control a beautiful rollable smartphone during the MWC.

Tesla has big ambitions

On March 1, Tesla held its traditional Investor Day, on which we expected many big announcements. If no new electric car has finally been announced – the famous Model 2 was expected – Elon Musk has even presented his Master Plan 3, which aims to create a fully sustainable energy future. An ambitious project, but absolutely commendable. The arrival of v4 Superchargers in Europe was also made official during the event.

AI à la ChatGPT would be very expensive for our search engines

Forwarded by Reuters, analyzes by the American bank Morgan Stanley show that internet searches, enhanced with artificial intelligence such as ChatGPT, would cost the owner of that engine a lot of money. Google’s example is striking: if half of the 3.3 trillion searches made last year had been handled by a conversational AI, it would have cost the company $6 billion. And this only if the generated answer was limited to 50 words.

Our take on Motorola’s rollable phone

A brilliant prototype. Present at MWC 2023, Frandroid was able to take control of Motorola’s rollable smartphone, the famous “Rizr” – this is not its official name. At first glance, the device opts for a 5-inch screen in 15:9 format. But then you just have to press the power button twice to roll out the plate thanks to a motorized system, to transform into a 6.5-inch screen in 21:9. For the occasion, we even made up a short video for you.

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