Test: There’s a little Koei and a lot of Tecmo in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

We hope you did well in your Chinese history lessons: Wo Long: fallen dynasty done in the purest tradition of parent company Koei Tecmo by relentlessly brandishing a tetrachie of legendary dynastic warlords, and too bad if you didn’t spend your school career lifting the infantry to the chain in Dynasty Warriors. Involve yourself they said, not suspecting that your avatar – a nameless soldier – barely arrived on the battlefield, sees a knife thrust from his thorax, in war as in war. Fortunately, fate turns out to be much less fatalistic: neither one nor two raised by a mysterious magical force, a mystical talisman in hand, our unknown hero goes headlong in search of the leader of the yellow turbans, starving peasants in rebellion against the government , here corrupted by an elixir of evil forces. He will soon discover that a strange wizard is at work behind this dark machination, with dire consequences right up to the height of the Han dynasty. The premise seems simple, but the staging of the cutscenes, anarchic and fast as possible, leaves little room for the screenplay to develop fully. The secondary protagonists of this huge chorus cast arrive one after the other, exchange some lines of conversation in loucedé, and off we go again to the puzzle to take out the warlord who has turned into a monstrous evil creature. Nothing forbidding in itself, but there was certainly better to do with such a rich and interesting historical canvas.

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