The 5 things Wo-Long doesn’t tell you that are important to escape with your life in this action RPG game

Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty is quite a challenge. For this reason, in our goal to make the experience a little easier for you, we want to bring you today 5 useful aspects that the game doesn’t quite explain it to you very well, but that it will be great for us to know when it comes to tackling it. We don’t call it a challenge for nothing Team NinjaSo the more prepared we are, the better. Let’s go for it!

1.-The combinations between elements

We’ve already covered this section briefly in our guide to 6 things we wish we’d known before we got into the game, but we think it’s worth devoting a little more space to it.

If you’ve already played, you know we found it 5 elements of nature which can be combined into weapons or spells. Of course the game tells you about resistances and weaknesses, but what it doesn’t specify is that apart from that, when an enemy has a status condition, it will be even weaker the next and this way we can link up to 4 elements to exploit weakness.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty cheats

2.-The blacksmith shop

The operation of the blacksmith is not far from any other game, but there is one aspect that is not fully explained. We can dismantle the equipment to obtain materials or in this case jewelry. Depending on the rarity of the equipment, they have a certain number of places for it passive skills. The jewels serve precisely to change this aspect.

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What does this mean? Throughout the game we will often encounter the same weapons, but with different abilities. The jewels exactly what they allow us is to go to the blacksmith, remove one of these improvements and add the one we want. This allows us to get a much more personal way of playing.

3.-The set of harnesses

You will also notice that some equipment has names like “Han Dynasty”, for example. That means they are part of it armor sets. It seems very obvious, but if we do not look and search, this aspect can go unnoticed. Now that you know, don’t hesitate to look at the effects we get by combining different pieces.

Wolong Fallen Dynasty Guide

4.- The function of magic

When we played the games of FromSoftwareMaybe we’re more used to having the mages classes, other melee classes, etc. It’s normal for us to separate the different modes of play here too, but it’s important to understand that it doesn’t work the same way here. Just as we cannot be wizards as such, we cannot disregard them either.

The function is mainly supportive. They are not very destructive, but they are great for us to bring altered states and combine these effects with martial arts, maximizing damage. Therefore, its importance should not be neglected, even if we are not focused on that way of playing. If you don’t want to know about it, it’s better to look for the magic that imbues weapons with elemental damage and take advantage of it.

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The creators of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are going all out: they already have a launch window for a new game, but that's not the only thing they're planning for the next few years

5.-Stealth yes, but in moderation

Running with the above and the magic, there is one very useful trick for beginners. Stealth is a fundamental tool, even though the game greatly rewards being aggressive. However, it never hurts to use it to take out an enemy along the way. The environment often lends itself to it.

So there is a magic in the element of wood that allows us to heal every time we do damage. It doesn’t require much level and can be used from rank 0. Using this magic and stealth we are guaranteed to heal ourselves without having to spend items along the way. Keep in mind that this magic heals us in proportion to the damage we did, so if we use a stealth run, which kills in 1 hit, it will be successful.

Wo Long Fallen dynasty

6.- Reinforcements!

This is a detail that can be appreciated but we’re never told about, and it’s aimed at the NPCs. As we progress, we may call on some of these for help with the most annoying battles. Once you’ve played similar titles, you know they aren’t always very useful, but in this case they are quite functional. For example, if there is an archer and from our position there is an opportunity to reach him, we will see them climb and jump to reach their goal. Very efficient!

and with this one 5 aspects, Now you can enjoy the adventure with much more certainty and don’t forget to enjoy the road. If you want to stay up to date with all the news, you can also check out our game news section so you don’t miss out on the latest news.

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