The Apple Watch is increasingly dominating the connected watch market, Samsung is stagnating

Despite all their efforts, no connected watch manufacturer is succeeding in offering the product that will end the hegemony of the Apple Watch. The latter occupies the mid- and high-end segment, leaving only the low-end crumbs to the competition.

Apple Watches on a display in an Apple Store / Credit: 123rf

As for the Apple Watch, the financial statements follow and are similar. Apple’s connected watch continues to dominate the competition head and shoulders. Although, contrary to the general trend, sales of watches and connected bracelets increased during the year 2022, this revival mainly benefited Apple, which made a major advance with its Apple Watch Ultra.

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According to a study conducted by CounterPoint, sales of connected watches will increase by 12% by 2022. It is the “extreme” segments, the low-end and the high-end that are holding their own with growth of 34% for the former and 129% for the latter. Apple has further increased its lead over its opponents. The market share has increased to 34.2%, 1.5 points more than last year.

Despite their price, the Apple Watches remain the favorite watches of the general public

Samsung, whose Galaxy Watch5 Pro does not lack qualities, remains at 9.8% of sales, while the third manufacturer, Huawei, continues to lose market share, falling from 7.6% to 6.7%.

Sales share of top selling smartwatch brands worldwide, 2022 vs 2021 / Credit: Counterpoint

Let’s face it, Apple Watches are connected watches with undeniable qualities. In addition, the effectiveness of the sports and health functions implemented by Apple is often in the news. We relations, for example, the misfortune of cand man who would probably be dead without his Apple Watch in his sleep. Despite these encouraging results and this good publicity, all is not rosy for the Cupertino company: the sale of its connected watches in the United States could soon be banned after a patent theft.

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Source : Apple insider

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