the beauty of the decorations and details highlighted with

The Lords of the Fallen: the beauty of the sets and details emphasized with the Unreal Engine 5

Since the announcement at gamescom 2022, The Lords of the Fallen has always communicated about the Unreal Engine 5, the engine the game will use to emphasize its visual and technical qualities. It’s on this aspect that the game’s new video pauses, which makes sense since it aired during the State of Unreal, Epic Games’ event for the Game Developers Conference 2023 currently being held in San Francisco. Gothic themed environments are elaborately presented with beautiful lighting and lighting management. But that’s not all, the 3D models of the characters are also detailed, with tight shots on the clothing. The game uses high resolution textures with the added bonus of realistic management of these objects according to the character’s approach. Of course, all this sells dreams, and let’s not forget that we are dealing with a tech demo, we will have to see how it all behaves in the game. As a reminder, it is the HexWorks studio that is responsible for this sequel reboot, as the original developers, Deck13, were acquired by Focus Entertainment in 2020 for 7.1 million euros. Yes, compared to the astronomical sums of other studios, this makes quite small…

The release of this The Lords of the Fallen is expected before 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series if all goes well.

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