The best buildings to survive in the first hours in Valheim

valheim is coming to Game Pass, which is a great opportunity to take part in this fun survival game with a Scandinavian setting. We can thrive as we explore different biomes, defeat all kinds of enemies and take to the sea in search of adventure. However, we will not be able to do this if we cannot survive during the first hours. You are for this 5 constructions They are essential to protect us from dangers and settle us in a totally wild world. We tell you the details!

How to build in Valheim

First of all is the most important learn to build

  • We need a… hammer which is made with 3 wood and 2 stones.
  • You have to place workbench. We can do it from the build menu. This is essential to be able to create infrastructure or material, as we need to be close to it to do this.
  • From now on we have to unlock recipes in obtaining materials.

1.- A house

The first mandatory structure we need to create is natural a house. This protects us from the weather, from enemies and allows us to rest when needed. We can’t wander in the woods without shelter!

I advise you not to be too ambitious in the beginning. Creating a corner in a flat area, if possible protected on one side by stones and a hole for the fire is sufficient (be careful with this because of the smoke). You can also make a wooden barrier around it, as enemies can wear down the wood.

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2.- A trunk

We need the chests to store all the objects that we cannot carry in the inventory. It is one of the most important constructions we need if we want to progress in the game, as it allows us to collect materials to build better things. In addition, we can stack as many as we want.

3.- Teleportation portal

There comes a time when we want to move from the first biome to others, such as the forest or the swamp. This is great because it’s what we need to do, but we have several options: build another house from scratch or one teleportation portal with which we can return to our home.

What I usually recommend is to always create a refuge in the new biomes, but keep the base HQ in Plains, as the enemies are weaker and the place is much less hostile than others.

Valheim constructions

For this we need:

  • 10 gray dwarf eyes.
  • 20 hardwood.
  • 2 solid hearts.

This build can be made once we reach the Black Forest.

4.- A small boat

There is three types of boats Available in Valheim. However, we can’t suddenly get a formidable ship. Preferably start with a raft. To get one we need:

  • 20 wood
  • 6 pieces of leather
  • 10 resin

This allows us to travel through more remote areas and collect materials. Of course, be careful when entering the open sea, because all kinds of creatures can attack you. I recommend leaving important materials in the trunk before sailing by any means.

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Best Valheim builds

5.- The smithy

the blacksmith shop It is the construction that allows us to enter metal and thereby make a leap in the evolution of our character, both in armor and in constructions. To build it, we must have spent some time in the game, but not too much. The requirements are:

  • Defeated the first boss of Planícies.
  • Make a pickaxe on the workbench.
  • Look for copper in the Black Forest. They are green veins on the ground.
  • Make the Foundation Furnace and the Charcoal Furnace.

Once we have met these requirements, we will need the following materials:

  • Stone: x4
  • Coal: x4
  • Wood: x10
  • Buyer: x6

And finished! We can now make better objects and materials to progress.

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Now that Valheim has arrived for many more players, don’t miss our in-game news section to keep up to date with all the news. The Viking’s journey is arduous, but he can be survived. In addition, you can discuss them with other members of the community by joining the 3DJuegos Discord server.

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