the critics have fallen, it is quite divided (press review)

Released today in all cinemas in France and Navarre, Scream 6 is a sequel many have been waiting for. No doubt because it is the new installment since the requel launched last year in 2022 (despite the disappointment among the fans), but also because the promotional campaign was particularly successful, especially with posters that made you want to see what this Scream 6 could do do when it arrived in New York. The press was allowed to give their opinion the day before the release, and the least we can say is that opinions are very divided. For CinemaTeaser, the movie is both “Attractive, violent and funny”while LeParisien believes that “this Scream lives up to its saga’, because it was “directed by horror fans for those who love it when it cuts and bleeds, always so armored with references and mise-en-abîme.” For premiere giving 3/5, “Scream 6 works best when it takes advantage of its own micro-mythology – that of Scream 5 in this case, and its two heroines, the Carpenter sisters”. With our colleagues at IGN, we still give the film a score of 9/10, which for the American media is one of the best sequels in the franchise, with an unexpected brutality.

But all opinions are far from positive and many criticize the film for no longer knowing how to reinvent itself and, even worse, taking the easy way out. For our friends from Filmsactu, “it’s not a huge disappointment (and yet we were part of the defenders of Scream 5), except for a surprising and clever intro scene (classification in the top of Scream intros) and some great scenes à la effective stagingwhile Liberation calls it that “Paramount continues to nauseately pull the wire of the franchise born in 1996, only to be put off by the sidereal emptiness of its company” For our part, we also came out of the film very mixed, due to the playing field not being utilized correctly. We’ve certainly been to New York, but everything happens in compartmentalized spaces, as the film sinks into the meta side we no longer need, not forgetting that the ending is by far the film’s most missed passage. Meanwhile, according to ScreenGeek, a Scream 7 is already in production with shooting slated for this year. Yeah, we don’t waste time at Paramount.

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