the delivery of his car turns into a nightmare

To save the $1,400 charged to deliver his new Tesla Model S to his home, Jeremaine decided to pick up his electric car more than 800 miles from his home. Unfortunately, he couldn’t imagine that she would be in pieces 3 hours later.

crash of the tesla model
Credits: Wham Baam Teslacam

Teslas are known to carry many cameras, particularly used for autonomous driving functions such as Autopilot and FSDbut also to monitor the activity around the vehicle with the Sentinel mode.

If Sentinel mode has become the focus of several official investigations, mainly due to privacy concerns, the effectiveness of the system is no longer provable. Whether it’s to protect your vehicle from potential damage, or to provide video evidence to your insurer in the event of a dispute.

As you might guess, the cameras of the hundreds of thousands of Teslas driving around the world have already captured sequences that are sometimes terrifying, unbelievable or surreal. The YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam has also made it its specialty, collecting accidents, road trips or crazy maneuvers captured by Tesla cameras.

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His Tesla Model S ends up in pieces 3 hours after pick up

And precisely, we will be approaching the misadventures of Jeremaine this Monday, February 27. This Louisiana resident decided to take the road to Pennsylvania, a journey of more than 800 miles, to pick up his brand new Tesla Model S. The idea is to save the requested $1400 for home delivery of the vehicleand experience a first road trip aboard his new sedan.

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The reception of the vehicle goes smoothly and at 9.30 Jeremaine is of course back behind the wheel of his Model S. He could not have imagined that 3 hours later. his Model S would be torn to pieces.

As evidenced by the footage captured by the car’s cameras, all was well when the truck suddenly veered to the right just ahead of Jeremaine. Because, the truck driver narrowly avoids a Honda arriving on the same lane in the opposite direction.

Jeremaine comes face to face with the crazy vehicle, which does nothing else to avoid the head-on collision. The Model S owner swerves to the right to avoid the worst… During the maneuver he hit the steering wheel of a semi-trailer traveling in the right-hand lane. The Tesla swerves into the truck before being violently slammed into the highway barrier.

The Tesla Model S is just a wreck : the front part disappeared, the tires were torn off and all airbags deployed. More fear than harm, however, for Jeremaine, who escapes unscathed. Because the accident happened at 12:20 PM, Jeremaine will only have used his new car for a total of three short hours. We suspect he probably regrets not opting for home delivery…

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