the direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2 will be released well into 2023

While Activision previously stated that no major new Call of Duty installments will be released in 2023, things may eventually change. According to well-known journalist Jason Schreier, a new opus and considered as the direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2 will be well launched this year.

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So, Will 2023 finally have its annual Call of Duty? According to renowned Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, that will indeed be the case. In an article published on February 23, 2023, the author of the excellent book Press Reset Actvision’s plans for its flagship license in 2023.

According to his information indeed, a new Premium opus will be launched in 2023. This new title, which was originally seen as a paid expansion of Modern Warfare 2, would eventually become a full episode. If this release is confirmed, it would be an unprecedented break from the American publisher’s usual strategy.

Usually Activision divides the releases of the different Call of Duty by relying on its sub-brands: a Modern Warfare year, a Black Ops year, etc. So it would be the first time players would be entitled to two episodes stamped Modern Warfare from one year to the next.

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A new Call of Duty Modern Warfare in 2023

This Modern Warfare 2.2, whatever it may be called, would be developed by Sledgehammer Playthe studio behind the maligned Call of Duty: Vanguard, which launches in 2021. To ensure the quality of the episode and good continuity with the gameplay elements introduced in MW2, however, the Sledgehammer Games teams would be assisted by Infinity Wardthe fathers of Modern Warfare games.

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According to Jason Schreier, this opus would therefore introduce and also offer new multiplayer maps a direct sequel to MW2’s single-player campaign. Quite logical given the conclusion of the Solo mode, which opened directly with the appearance of a known enemy of the saga, namely Vladimir Makarov.

Either way, Activision’s decision to launch a second Modern Warfare game in 2023 is pretty amazing. Recall that Jason Schreier correctly stated in February 2022 that the American publisher was considering abandoning its calendar of annual Call of Duty releases, particularly after Vanguard’s disappointing results.

Following the release of this report, Activision said it “an exciting range of Call of Duty Premium and free-to-play experiences for this year, next year and beyond.” In other words, the publisher had not closed the door on the release of a new episode in 2023. This seems to confirm it.

Source : Bloomberg

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