The equipment in Hogwarts Legacy is curious, but you can choose your appearance independently of it

On Hogwarts Legacy we are going to find a large amount of equipment that will allow us to improve our stats. Although this has already happened in other games in the saga, the truth is that it is a detail that has attracted attention. Because? Let’s say, in honor of the whimsy of the Harry Potter universe, we find all kinds of accessories that are very curious. However, we may not like and want these adjust our appearance. That’s why we tell you how to do it in the following guide. Action!

Hogwarts Legacy: How to change your character’s appearance

Changing our appearance, no matter what gear we wear, is quite easy. We just have to go team menu and select the one we want to take. Then click on each accessory and we will see a section that says “Change Appearance” or “Reset Appearance”. There we can choose our look based on the models we have in the collection. Whenever we change our equipment, we have to reconfigure it.

Hogwarts Legacy Appearance

These changes are purely cosmetic and have no effect on the statistics, as they are provided by the accessories. Obviously, to go to Hogwarts, you have to be in good shape, because even in the movies, what we wear appears.

On the other hand, if we want change the appearance of the character in the most literal sense of the word, then we must resort to the barbershop. This one is located in Hogsmeade and allows us to make some changes in the area of ​​hair and eyebrows. So we can change the hairstyle and color.

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And that’s it! We have no doubt that some glasses are hilarious, but it’s natural that we don’t want to wear them in our first (fifth) year at Hogwarts. On the other hand, don’t miss all the news we bring you to be alert to the latest information.

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