The EU bows to the German will on thermal cars, Intel wants to prevent graphics cards from burning, it’s time for the recap!

On this Wednesday, March 15, 2023, we will commemorate the EU bowing to the German dictate on the end of thermal cars, Intel found the solution to the problem of overheating graphics cards, several accounts can share the same Android TV, it’s time to recap.

vote germany bans cars
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Will we still see thermal cars on European roads after 2035? It’s not impossible. Germany is putting the brakes on and preventing the passage of the law that will require manufacturers to reduce their vehicles’ CO2 emissions to zero by 2035. Carbon dioxide, some GeForce RTX 4090s emit a little too much when their power cable burns out. According to Intel, the solution lies in a design change in the ATX standard. In addition, if you have an Android TV display, you’ll be happy to hear that the connected TV OS can now manage different user profiles. Let’s go for the summary.

Germany blocks vote on end of thermal cars, EU makes concessions

According to the German Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the European directives on the future of synthetic fuels are too unclear. Berlin needs to be reassured on this point and is therefore blocking the process of passing this law that will ban the sale of thermal cars on the old continent from 2035. Click on the link to find out more about the simmering conflict stirring up the European Union institutions.

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Intel offers a new type of cable to connect GPUs to motherboards

Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090s are so powerful their power cable catches fire. While no component manufacturer has been able to provide a lasting solution to this perilous problem, Intel proposes to return to the board. The California-based company believes that a small detail in power connector design can make a big difference.

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Android TV will be able to manage multiple profiles, finally the whole family can use it

It’s a silly feature that separates an easy-to-use product that everyone in a household will enjoy using over and over from a gadget you’ll quickly give up on. Android TV, the operating system found on many connected televisions, will finally manage different profiles.

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