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Atomic Heart: The final trailer isn't a side, it's whining like we want

Today is the release of the highly anticipated Atomic Heart, this Russian FPS that came from (almost) nowhere and has been generating real interest since gamescom 2022. If the game didn’t get the great ratings it was doomed to fail based on last month’s feedback previews, Mundfish’s title doesn’t leave indifferent, proof with the many comments and other threads of people shocked by the dissolute tone of certain characters in the game. opposite effect: people not necessarily interested in the game want to be seduced. Anyway, Focus Entertainment, its publisher, just published the latest trailer (or launch as we say in our jargon) where we see that this Atomic Heart is clearly not in the lace. Nevertheless, the game has nice subtleties that we’ll explain to you in our test once we’ve beaten the game. Please note: it’s available on Xbox Game Pass from day one, and that’s a big deal.

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