The Galaxy 23 Ultra still works, even after a fall from a height of 2 meters

You have always dreamed of dropping your smartphone from 2 meters high, then this video from Allstate Protection Plans will satisfy you immensely. This American insurance company wanted to test the resistance of the three Galaxy S23s, and the results are unexpected to say the least.

galaxy s23 shatter glass
Credits: Allstate Protection Plans

It’s pretty widely accepted these days that depriving your smartphone of a hull is tantamount to sentencing it to certain death. Even the latest models don’t survive a nasty fall. Allstate Protection Plans, a US insurance company, wanted to verify this statement on the Galaxy S23 itself. Why the latest flagships from Samsung?

As the company states, “Galaxy S23s contain sustainable materials such as recycled glass and plastic from the oceans”, which she says could change their resistance to harm. Then what better way to get to the bottom of it than using a sadistic robot that will take pleasure in knocking down the three smartphones from almost 2 meters high?

This is what happens if you drop your Galaxy S23 without a case

This is clearly the reflection of Allstate Protection Plans, which DropBot designed especially for the occasion. Thus, the latter is responsible for dropping the Galaxy S23 into the void from a height of 6 feet, or exactly 1.83 meters. Besides the satisfaction of seeing a smartphone crash to the ground without it being yours, the results obtained on each model are particularly interesting.

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The standard model saw its screen shattered by the fall, in addition to the fuselage loosening slightly and glass scattered on the floor. The screen of the Galaxy S23 Plus has now cracked, while the edges have also suffered damage. The one that resisted the best is therefore the Ultra model, which, unlike its comrades, is still usable after the fall.

So the choice of more durable materials for its latest range has not led Samsung to ignore the resistance, at least not for the more expensive version. Allstate Protection Plans still recommends dressing your smartphone in a shell, and it’s hard to argue with.

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