The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a screen problem, the Switch Pro is talking about it again, here’s the summary

Samsung reassures Galaxy S23 Ultra users with its screen, Nintendo mentions a mysterious console in an official document, Microsoft finally implements the VPN integrated in Edge… welcome to the summary of the day before!

Galaxy S23Ultra

Lots of guesswork yesterday, starting with users thinking there was a manufacturing defect in their Galaxy S23 Ultra. It’s nothing in the end, like probably this rumor claiming that Nintendo would have discreetly teased its Switch Pro. Meanwhile, Microsoft is ending the wait for Edge followers to finally get access to the in-browser VPN.

No, the Galaxy S23 Ultra does not have a screen problem

In recent days, many users have cried: the Galaxy S23 Ultra will have a major manufacturing defect, which will cause a kind of bubble to appear in the lower right corner of the smartphone. Challenged, Samsung finally responded. According to the manufacturer, the phenomenon is completely normal and would be caused by the presence of strong light above the screen. So don’t panic if this happens to you.

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Nintendo may have inadvertently teased the Switch Pro

“Nintendo’s cloud gaming service is only available on the Nintendo Switch and also on the[censuré]”. This is a sentence found in an official document provided by Nintendo to the CMA. It was enough to rekindle the rumors surrounding the Switch Pro. For now, this is just a guess. In reality, it’s probably the Switch OLED.

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Edge has a handy built-in VPN

Edge Secure Network is the name of this feature that now integrates Microsoft’s browser. In other words, it is a VPN incorporated directly into the application, which allows the Redmond firm to provide greater security to its users. However, the operation differs a bit from a classic VPN. For example, it is not possible to choose a location for its IP address.

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