the gameplay is detailed, it is compared to Fortnite, the games

Suicide Squad: The gameplay is detailed, it is compared to Fortnite, the players are disappointed

It was one of the highlights of State of Play on February 23, 2023 and sure enough, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League got a huge spotlight from PlayStation. It must be said that the game was discreet for a year and the postponement to 2023 started to worry players, not to mention that the gameplay remained rather vague. No more mystery, Rocksteady has decided to swing the sauce with a big gameplay trailer over 6 minutes long, showing us how the game will be articulated in collaboration. There was also a “behind the scenes development” video with the presence of the project leaders, explaining their vision and confirming that the game is part of the Arkham-Verse. Anyway, tonight the disappointment was palpable, especially in the chat where the game was constantly compared to Fortnite. It must be said that the players expected everything except this gaming service which seems to be built with the prospect of selling in-game cosmetics. Not quite what people expected from the creators of the Batman Arkham series.

The very colorful and uninhibited aspect with outrageous jokes also quite calmed the players, who finally see clearly the intentions of the studio, but especially of Warner Bros Games. Each member of this Suicide Squad will be able to make big jumps, shooting at anything that moves, in maps that have taken up a lot in verticality, less in horizontality. It is clear that each character has his own skills (Harley Quinn has a grappling hook, Deadshot is super precise, King Shark makes explosive landings and Captain Boomerang can move almost instantly), and specific weapons that are of course fully customizable. As for the enemies, if we found superheroes in corrupted mode, we would be entitled to war structures infected with tentacles that must be eliminated.

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Or Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League promises a mode story-driven campaign and an open-world endgame, regular post-launch seasonal updates were also announced, introducing new missions and playable characters. Some content is free, while others are paid. As for the release, it’s confirmed for May 26 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series.

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